Heated Questions About the Penn Biden Center and Hunter Biden


Reporters asked Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, important questions about classified documents found at Joe Biden’s Penn Biden Centre office. Further classified documents were then found.

The reporters asked why Biden’s personal attorney had packed up his old office. This is a question that they should continue asking. A reporter wanted to know if there was any reason that an attorney was present and if the attorney was looking for something. Jean-Pierre refused to answer the reporter’s question. It seems a bit strange that a highly paid-attorney would pack up an old office. You might still have an attorney if another person discovered the documents or if you were unsure where to find them. That’s why they should keep asking the question.

It is also important due to all the people connected with the Penn Biden Center from Biden’s administration. On Thursday, I wrote about some of these people — including Antony Blinken, Secretary of State, and Steve Ricchetti White House Counselor. The University of Pennsylvania also has ties to China. How many people had access to the office and possibly to the documents? We now have to ask the same question about other documents. I think the Biden team is too scared to mention where these other documents were located, which suggests that they must be awful.

Now, there’s a twist to the story. It involves Hunter Biden.

In February 2018, the Penn Biden Center opened. It was discussed for a long time while Biden was vice president, according to emails Hunter sent. There was also some discussion about Hunter opening an office at the Center.

Craig Gering, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), agent, emailed Hunter on April 25, 2016, with “confidential Notes from Our Meeting,” in which Gering listed possible plans Gering had for the vice-president upon his departure.

One plan included “wealth creation,” but no explanation, while another made reference to the Penn Biden Center, Washington, D.C., with Hunter possibly being offered a job.

Gering sent an email stating, “The Biden Institute of Foreign Relations at the University of Pennsylvania.” Focus on foreign policy. The school also has an office in DC, which will be expanded to accommodate a DC office for Vice President Biden, Mike Hunter, and Steve. Without the need for a money raise, Operates like The Clinton Global Initiative.

Hunter confirmed Gering’s notes but stressed that they should be kept “very secretive” as they weren’t set in stone.

Hunter said, “Yes, in theory, that’s how I’d like it to turn out. But please keep this confidential between us. Nothing has been set in stone and there is still a lot of sensitive information around these matters both internally and externally. This could all change overnight, he hasn’t made any decision.

The laptop had already shown an email 10 days before that indicated a meeting between Hunter, Joe Biden, and Amy Gutmann, the University of Pennsylvania President.

After Biden had left the vice presidency, Biden was made a Penn “professor”, where he received $776,527 each year, almost twice what a regular professor would earn. This is despite not teaching any classes and only giving talks on campus.

In February, Gutmann was re-confirmed as Ambassador to Germany.

This raises questions about the contacts made with Biden Center. Was Hunter a resident of a particular office? Did Joe have access to the documents?

After more classified documents were discovered, Republicans now call for a Special Counsel.