Great American Family Is the Fastest-Growing Network in Cable Television


A funny thing happened on the way to Woketopia: a large portion of key cable-watching audiences chose the scenic route and remained true to their traditional values until the end of the fourth quarter of 2022’s TV ratings.

We’ve covered previously the launch of Great American Family as an alternative/competitor to the Hallmark Channel. Candace Cameron Bure, a former Hallmark queen, and mainstay announced that she would be joining GAF (formerly called “GAC Network”) in April 2022. Alex Parker wrote the following:

Newsweek reported Fuller House’s star has joined GAC Network to produce top-quality family entertainment.

Perhaps you are familiar with Candace who was a Hallmark Channel fixture. Hallmark and GAC will now be going head to head, it seems.

GAC Media President, and CEO Bill Abbott, is leading the family venture. Bill was previously the CEO of Crown Media’s parent company Hallmark.

Teri Christoph reported on Bure’s explanation to the Wall Street Journal about her decision to join GAF because she wanted to preserve traditional values.

“My heart longs to tell stories with more meaning and purpose. Great American Family will remain a traditional marriage center.

Kira Davis’s “A Very Merry Podcast”, which she hosts, has moved beyond Hallmark to embrace GAF.

I also shared my migration to GAF (though Hallmark is still my favorite) and how GAF and “CCB were a part of my reconnecting with my church”.

This migration does not seem to be unique to us. The fourth quarter TV ratings were released, and they show that GAF has the fastest-growing cable channel.

GAF issued a statement acknowledging the growth. It also noted:

The fourth Quarter of 2022 marked the end of the Great American Family’s reign as the fastest-growing cable network. It was also ranked #1 among all cable networks in Primetime Ratings Growth in Homes (+113%), People 18-49 (+100%), and Total Viewers (+116%). It was also #1 in Primetime Ratings Growth for Households (+128).

I am particularly proud of the number one ranking for the 18-49-year-old age group. It is refreshing to see that sunnier foods still have a place in this world.