Hamas Leader Looks to Inspire Terrorist Attacks With the Blood of Women, Children, and the Elderly


The war between Israel and Hamas is intensifying amid an incursion on the ground into Gaza. The leader of Hamas has made a plea to both the international community and those who are fighting Israel. Ismail Haniyeh – the leader of Hamas – appeared on a Lebanese television network and referred to Israel’s response against Hamas for its surprise attack on October 7, as a “new Holocaust”; he also called on allies to prevent the Jewish state from retaliating.

In a speech broadcast on Mayadeen Network, and other TV outlets, he urged intellectuals and strategic thinkers to discuss what will happen after Israel’s occupation ends in the Gaza Strip and predicted that the Jewish State’s fight against terrorists would soon come to an end.

I call on all intellectuals and strategists to discuss post-occupation, as its end is inevitable. The strategic blow and the resounding defeat suffered by this occupier will prevent it from recovering.

Haniyeh urged other nations to put pressure on the Jewish State to stop its military incursion in Gaza.

“I appeal to everyone – the free people in the world, the friendly nations, the [Arab] brothers, and the allies to exert the pressure necessary in every direction and forum to end the aggressive war on Gaza and to stop the war against our women, children, elderly, mosques, universities and homes. This brutal aggression has to stop. “This new holocaust has to stop.”

Haniyeh addressed the thousands of Palestinians, both combatants as well as noncombatants, who had perished in the fighting. He implied that their deaths had been a sacrifice necessary to inspire jihadists to continue the fight to eliminate Israel.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: the blood of women, children, and the elderly… I don’t mean to suggest that this blood calls for your [help]. This blood is what we need. It awakens in us the revolutionary spirit. It awakens in us the resolve.

The announcement comes after Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu said that Israel’s campaign against Hamas will be “long and difficult” and that the goal is to “completely destroy Hamas’ government and military capabilities.”

In this context, Israel Defense Forces (IDF), along with air and naval bombardments, have expanded their ground operations. Daniel Hagari explained that Israel was “advancing in stages of war, according to our plan.”

Haniyeh claiming that Hamas requires the blood of Palestinian women, children, and elderly people to advance Hamas’s agenda, which is to eliminate the Jews in Israel shows how callous he, along with other jihadist leaders, are towards the suffering of civilians caught up in this brutal war. He describes their deaths as motivational tools for terrorists who fight for the group.

Hamas is responsible for the death and suffering in the Gaza Strip. This has been the case since Hamas took over the region in 2007, claiming to have been elected. The Israeli military and government may be criticized for the way they conduct the war in Gaza against Hamas. They did not attack first and deliberately kill innocent civilians.

Hamas is now the main obstacle to peace between Israel, and the Palestinians, and Hamas will remain this way as long as the group remains intact. The question is, what happens when the terrorist group has been eliminated?