Biden Used Pseudonyms to Send Government Emails, National Archives Reveals


It’s possible that the American public is about to find out a lot more about Big Guy’s extracurricular antics.

The National Archives released 82,000 emails that President Biden sent or received in response to an FOIA request by Southeastern Legal Foundation, Inc. These emails were sent/received when President Biden served as vice president. They also include at least three pseudonyms. Biden’s email scandal has already been compared with the Hillary Clinton email scandal of 2016.

The National Archives’ shocking admission that they have located 82,000 pages in Joe Biden’s pseudonymous accounts of emails potentially related to the government, could not only replace Hillary Clinton as the most notorious email scandal in history but also be a boon for the federal and congressional investigations currently underway into the Biden Family.

In the upcoming elections, voters will also scrutinize this issue.

The non-profit Southeastern Legal Foundation filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain this information.

We have a duty to ensure that everyone is following the law. “It sure looks questionable right now,” said Rep. Scott Perry (R-Pa.), a member of the House Oversight Committee, which is currently conducting an impeachment investigation into Biden.

Twitter/X was flooded with news of the release late Monday.

As one might expect, the House Oversight Committee expressed concern about the destruction of evidence. This was evident during the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal, when thousands of emails were deleted, including many with Top Secret or higher classification. Cell phones were also smashed using hammers.

Representative Perry has expressed concern about the retention of evidence.

Perry stated that he knew that the left would use private emails in a large scale. “Hillary taught me and why should we think Joe Biden will be any different?”

“And if that’s true, we need to ensure that Joe Biden does not have a hammer sitting next to his phone. I don’t know if he was smashed with hammers or if he set them on flames, but they used Bleachbit to clean the server,” said Jeremy. “I’m sure we have to ensure that the American public can see the important information to be kept from them as one of America’s highest elected officials. The only way to achieve that is by preserving the material.

Here you can find the full legal decision that requires the National Archives to turn over Biden’s emails.

These pseudonyms are difficult to justify for any legitimate purpose. It’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Biden family has been misbehaving, especially after Joe Biden was revealed as the “Big Guy” in the phrase, “10% for.” The House Oversight Committee has been focusing on President Baden for retaining sensitive documents.

Joe Biden is the owner of real estate including three luxurious houses worth more than $10 million at this time. Like many former presidents, he has made millions from book deals and speaking fees. This may be modest for a former president, but the real question is the Bidens’ foreign business dealings. Many of them do not pass the smell test.

Jim Thompson, in August of last year, gave us an early preview of the controversy. His predictions are proving to be prescient and this controversy will likely become an albatross for the Biden campaign in the 2020 election.