Google Goes Full-On Racist, Will Start Marking the Race of Business Owners


Do you remember the “Whites Only/Colored Only” signs that were placed on water fountains in the Jim Crow South? Google has brought back this kind of in-your-face racism with a vengeance. Google is so concerned about you not being racist that it plans to do the most racist thing any major corporation has done since 1964’s Civil Rights Act. It will mark the race of owners of different businesses so that only racists can shop at the preferred stores. Google’s far-Left ideologues have really thought this through. This is the wrong way to go if they truly want to eliminate racism.’s Jeremy Kauffman tweeted Thursday that Google had launched a campaign called “Buy Black” that encourages people who are of a certain race to shop based on their store’s owner. To make it easier, stores in search and map results will have icons that indicate the race of their owner. Kauffman also noted that Google has been actively pushing this initiative for the past month. On Nov. 17, Google published a video called “Buying All Black”, which was subtitled “A Google #BlackOwnedFriday Anthem” featuring Ludacris as well as Flo Milli.

Google joyfully announced that they were celebrating #BlackOwnedFriday with 70+ Black-owned businesses and a new track. There will also be a block party in Atlanta. Follow Ludacris, and Flo Milli as they search for Black-owned businesses and shop the 100+ products that you’ll find throughout the video. You can watch the music video and shop for the products.

Great. This will eliminate racism. What could be more racist than all those woke shoppers following Google’s lead, buying only black-owned businesses and shunning businesses owned by Hispanics, whites, or Asians? This scenario has one problem: white people can still use Google, at least for the moment. White supremacists and white racists, the people the Biden administration continues to call the greatest terror threat to the country, can still use Google until they are all arrested and sent away to reeducation camps. White racists will be able to use Google’s new race markings to not patronize but to avoid black-owned businesses until this problem is fixed. Google’s new race tags can be used by black racists to avoid white-owned companies. However, that is not a problem as Google is doing exactly what it wants.

Bull Connor and George Corley Wallace could not have devised a better scheme. Google will soon allow people to choose which business they want to patronize based on their race. This will make America more divided and conscious of its race than it was during Jim Crow’s worst days. White racists will not have to worry about black men eating at segregated lunch counters. They wouldn’t even consider it if the restaurant is owned by a white person. Rosa Parks will not be sent to the back of a bus if it is owned by someone from Japan, Korea, Mexico, Italy, or France.

Since 1896’s Supreme Court decision in Plessy-v. In Ferguson, segregation was allowed, and Google is helping us to become more racially diverse. According to the Plessy decision, the Fourteenth Amendment was “undoubtedly” intended “to enforce absolute equality of both races before the law,” but it didn’t mean integration. “In the nature of things, it couldn’t have been intended to abolish discriminations based on color or to enforce social equality as distinct from political equality or a commingling the two races upon terms that are not satisfactory to either.”

Google is trying to eradicate this commingling. It is also making white racists racist by doing this. Google has, in essence, become a corrosive agent that works to disintegrate the nation’s unity, pitting Americans against Americans. Is the Sherman Anti-Trust Act still available?