Madison Cawthorn Sued Over $193,000 Worth Of Unpaid Legal Fees


Madison Cawthorn, a Republican from North Carolina, is currently being sued by his own attorneys for $193,000 in unpaid legal costs stemming out of a legal challenge to him candidacy during the 2022 North Carolina primaries.

According to the Hill, the lawsuit was filed Dec. 1. It claims that Cawthorn did not pay $193,296.85 to Indiana’s Bopp Law Firm for fees it received after he hired the firm to defend a suit brought by North Carolina voters. The suit sought to remove him from office due to his participation in the Stop the Steal rally Jan. 6. Although the firm persuaded a U.S. District Judge to grant Cawthorn his favor, it was never paid for its services.

WCNC obtained documents filed in court that show the amount of fees accumulated over six months. James Bopp Jr., the founder of the firm, told the outlet that Cawthorn had reached out to him and promised to pay the amount once the suit was filed. He is optimistic about this.

According to the Asheville City Times, Cawthorn left his Washington office in November, and was unable to reach him.

This North Carolina representative had a challenging final year of office. He was plagued by scandals, legal issues, and lost his primary. The House Ethics Committee ordered him to pay $15,000 in fines for his participation in a “pump and dump” cryptocurrency scheme.