Google Caught With Its Algorithms Down in Displaying Search Results for GOP Senate Candidates


After the media watchdog revealed that Google had manipulated search results for Republican senatorial campaign websites, The Media Research Center has called on Google to “stop his war on democracy” as well as “provide algorithmic transparency”.

“The Media Research Center calls on Google to end its war against democracy. The MRC stated that Google must demonstrate algorithmic transparency in order to regain the trust and respect of conservatives. This will show that candidates and liberal groups are treated the same as conservatives. “MRC also calls on members of Congress to act to protect America’s freedom of speech liberties. Congress should investigate Google search bias and its results regarding the midterm elections.

It’s unlikely that Google altered search results. MRC’s remarkable reporting has revealed that Google is a partisan player, with its thumb on the scale for Democratic candidates.

Fox News:

These results showed that the campaign websites of 10 Republicans in 12 close races were significantly lower than their opponents’ sites when compared to organic search results.

According to the MRC, seven Republican candidate websites were hidden completely from the first page of Google search results. While Republicans were not visible, eight Democratic candidates had sites that were promoted within the first six Google search results.

When compared to other search engines, Google’s biases are obvious. The Media Research Center stated that Bing and DuckDuckGo show all 12 Democrat or Republican senate candidates’ websites in the top five organic search results.

Google, for its part, looked straight into the camera and solemnly swears — no fingers crossed or fibbing — that although they don’t know what had happened, it is impossible for their completely non-partisan, innocent algorithms to bias against the evil — err, those Republican presidential candidates.

“While we are unable to respond to all claims without reviewing the research, allegations of political bias in Google Search have no basis whatsoever.” “Third parties have shown that political ideology is not an aspect of our search ranking systems.” A spokesperson for Google told Fox News Digital that we don’t manipulate search results or modify our products in any way to favor or disadvantage any political ideology, viewpoint, or candidate.

If you don’t believe me, I have a bridge that spans the Chicago River that I would like to sell.

Google has said something similar since 2000, whenever there is unmistakable evidence of their bias. It’s all science stuff, so you can just go to sleep. We are not here to explain ourselves to a bunch of yahoos.

After the MRC report was published, Google released a statement claiming that there was no problem with biased search results.

“This report is intended to mislead. It tests uncommon search terms that people seldom use.” “A Google spokesperson stated that anyone who searches these candidate names on Google will see that their websites rank high in search results.” “In fact, all these candidates rank in the top three results and often in first place in Google Search results.” Fox News Digital reported.

They might be able to explain “uncommon search terms” and what they consider “uncommon.” However, this statement does not explain why Democratic candidates rank higher in “uncommon” searches compared to Republicans.