Glenn Greenwald Announces Tragic Life News


The Intercept co-founder and journalist Glenn Greenwald revealed Tuesday that his wife passed away one day before his 38th birthday.

Greenwald announced that David Miranda had died “after a nine-month struggle in ICU.”

Greenwald wrote on Twitter: “He died in peace, surrounded my our children, family and friends.”

“David’s life was exceptional in every way.” He was left an orphan when his mother died at the age of five in Jacarezinho. “But a beautiful, compassionate neighbor, DonaElaine, took him into her home despite having 4 children and living in deep poverty. She became his mother, and gave him a second chance at life.

Greenwald praised Miranda’s inspirational qualities after he became “the first gay man to be elected into Rio’s City Council and then the federal Congress at age 32.”

Greenwald added, “But David’s greatest dream, and what gave him his greatest pride and sense of purpose, was to be a father.” “He was a loving and dedicated parent. He taught me what it means to be a dad. “His greatest legacy is our truly exceptional sons, with their own challenging start in life.”

Greenwald wrote that his husband had been admitted to the ICU after suffering “various abdominal pains and digestive problems” for weeks prior to his admission. Greenwald wrote that Miranda “dismissed” the symptoms as a result of stress at work, but by the time Miranda went to the ER “various organs in his gastro-intestinal systems were severely inflamed.”

Miranda developed sepsis, which led to the organ failure.