Georgia GOP Chair Calls Out Dems for Trying to Block Election


We’re still waiting on the results of an investigation by a grand jury in Fulton County, Georgia. District Attorney Fani Willis has promised indictments against Donald Trump and other suspects in connection with alleged attempts to invalidate Georgia presidential election results for 2020 and install a slate of pro-Trump alternate electors. It could happen any day now. We’re ready.

Willis, who has been determined to nail Trump for months, is now enlisting the help of Fulton County Sheriff Pat Labat, who promises to take a mugshot. Willis and Labat, like good Democrats, are prepared to make Trump an example.

Georgia Republican Party Chair Josh McKoon highlighted the unfairness of Willis’ relentless targeting of Trump with a devastating Tweet (or X – who knows what they call them these days?) McKoon reminded us in one of Twitter/X’s longer-form posts that Democrats attempted to block the governor’s election. Brian Kemp (R – Ga.) was elected to his first full term in 2018.

He begins, “Now Georgia Democratic Party Chair Nikema Williams has been arrested for disrupting a parliamentary proceeding in order to prevent the inauguration of Brian Kemp.” “She wasn’t prosecuted, and she later sued for her arrest.”

Williams, now representing Georgia’s 5th Congressional District, was a State Senator at the time. She joined Stacey Abrams, a group of protesters, and a State Capitol in Atlanta, to allege that Robyn Crittenden (who was appointed interim secretary of state when Kemp resigned following the gubernatorial elections and who was, incidentally, the first black woman in Georgia to hold this office) was suppressing Abrams votes.

They believed that the supposedly suppressed vote would swing Abrams’ election. Remember: when Republicans win, it’s only because of “voter suppression.”

Police arrived to remove protesters from the rotunda so that lawmakers could start a special session for the approval of funds to aid in hurricane recovery. Williams and the other protesters refused to leave so police began arresting them.

McKoon said that Williams and her fellow rioters had refused to comply with police orders, but Williams insisted on being ‘peaceful’. “Nobody [called it] insurrection. No grand jury with a specific purpose was appointed. RICO was never mentioned. Williams demanded that the ‘provisional votes’ of those provisional voters be counted.

He added, “Stacey Abrams is free to walk among us, having defended rioters, attacked police protecting the State Capitol, and defended rioters.”

Abrams has never conceded to the 2018 election, but her “voting right” organization and Williams’ organization also filed a suit.

As reported by PBS, Lauren Groh Wargo, CEO of Abrams Fair Fight Action, said that the lawsuit would examine all of the ways Brian Kemp, our secretary of suppression suppressed votes.

Williams filed a lawsuit “to prevent further enforcement of” the law that was cited as a reason for the arrest of Williams, and other participants in the protest. According to the Associated Press, “the demonstrators are afraid of being arrested again if [they] participate in protests in November against voter suppression and disenfranchisement.”

We know it’s crucial for Willis to Labat to create the largest spectacle possible by capturing Trump. After all, this is the best way to gain credibility with their leftist political and media buddies. Willis would not investigate Abrams and Williams. It’s different when a Democrat is involved.