Georgia District Attorney Investigating Trump Runs Into a Snag


Fulton County District Attorney, Fani Wilis organized a grand jury in May to examine Donald Trump’s call for Brad Raffensperger to investigate his request to the Georgia Secretary of State. Trump requested that Raffensperger “find voters” in order to shift Georgia’s presidential election.

Willis’ motives have not been made clear.

Raffensperger and other notable figures in state politics gave evidence to the grand jury. Willis was removed from the list because of a conflict of interest.

Willis asked that Burt Jones (a state senator from the 25th district) be subpoenaed in order to answer questions about the role he played in an alternative slate of electors who would have elected Trump as Georgia’s presidential candidate. According to one of his Wikipedia entries, “He was involved with the attempts to reverse 2020 United States presidential election results.” ”

The problem is that Willis actively campaigned against Charlie Bailey, Jones’ Democratic opponent. Bailey, a former Fulton County assistant prosecutor, lost the 2018 race for lieutenant- governor.

A University of Georgia football alum, Jones is the owner of Jones Petroleum.

Jones was subpoenaed and ordered to testify. Jones then went to court to stop Willis from investigating him. Jones claimed that it would not be fair for him to testify as Willis had hosted a fundraiser to support Charlie Bailey. Fox 5 Atlanta reported that Jones was supported and assisted by Robert McBurney, Chief Judge.

Jones declared victory. Jones claimed victory. Atlanta might not have as many murders under Fani Willis or Charlie Bailey if they focused half of their time on real issues and not grandstanding and using offices for political points.

Bailey made the judge’s decision into an opportunity for violence. He responded with his own statement, in which he said that Burt was trying to distract from his leadership role in the attempted overthrow of the United States Government. Burt continues to disregard the rule of law. As a former prosecutor, however, I believe Burt should be just as subject as anyone else to the legal system.

McBurney allowed Jones to have questions answered by another investigator. His ruling could have revealed Willis’ investigation to be nothing but political grandstanding and witch-hunting.

“The actual law doesn’t really matter so much as investigating Donald Trump, in all honesty,” said Erick Erickson on his show on Tuesday. “You’ve got a lot of Democratic lawyers pulling arguments out of their backside and saying, ‘Ah, yes, Donald Trump should go to jail for doing this.’ I don’t know that he broke the law.”

“The press is so broken and so desperately wants there to be a crime for the DA to prosecute that they are ignoring the basic facts of the case,” Erickson later wrote in an email to his listeners.

This investigation is Fani Willis. She would like to see Donald Trump arrested. It seems that the mainstream media is also falling for it.