More Whistleblower Info on FBI Padding Stats, Helping Biden Narrative on Domestic Extremism


Chuck Grassley, the ranking senator on the Senate Judiciary Committee (R-IA), has a very sober personality. We noted that he raised serious concerns about the politicization by the DOJ, not only in regard to Hunter Biden’s case but also regarding how they were closing other cases that should continue and opening up other matters on a thin basis. For example, opening up Donald Trump cases based on liberal media reports.

This is a serious concern as it could undermine the very nature and purpose of our system.

According to whistleblowers, Grassley’s letter suggested that investigations could have been closed or opened on a politicized base by gatekeepers such as Timothy Thibault (Assistant Special Agent in Charge at Washington Field Office), according to Grassley.

Grassley claimed that he was told that FBI Director Wray Thibault had been re-assigned. But, the question is: How far does this all go? There are many issues that go beyond Thibault.

As if that weren’t enough, whistleblowers also claim that the FBI is pressing agents to artificially increase domestic violence extremist statistics, even though the cases aren’t classified. Biden’s team has argued that domestic extremism poses the greatest threat to the country, and the FBI is allegedly padding statistics to support that claim.

These metrics are linked to promotions and awards, according to whistleblowers.

The letter states that Rep. Jim Jordan (R.OH) was hearing about efforts to remove conservatives from the FBI’s ranks under Biden.

It’s clear that the swamp needs to be cleaned out. If objectivity is possible, it will need a strong disinfectant, considering how politicized it seems to have become. This speaks volumes about the disgusting state of this situation.

Republicans must regain power in November, and threaten to reduce their funding unless they clean the house.