Gavin Newsom Mercilessly Mocked for Claiming Men Can’t Get Pregnant


It is a great feeling to see someone so self-consciously awake as California Governor Gavin Newsom, lifted by his own trans-petard.

Transgender people have always been told by far-left activists that they can also get pregnant. Men can also have periods and all men can stand up to urinate. However, not many lefties know this.

“Ummm. Kira Davis, RedState deputy editor, tweeted “Ummm. “I don’t have the rules. I’m reminding you about yours.”

Benjamin Watson, a former NFL player and pro-life activist, tweeted: “It must have been incredibly exhausting being required to constantly remind which men can get pregnant and which can’t.”

Brittany Hughes, MRCTV’s commentator, criticized Newsom’s tweet and wrote, “How fast the left is abandoning their ‘nonbinary’ soapbox when it’s not convenient.” These fools are playing political theater.

The Daily Wire’s Candace Owens, asked: “Wait…men cannot get pregnant now?” The commentator also included an “unpregnant woman” emoji in her tweet.

Conservative activist Kyle Kashuv was one of those who were grateful to Gavin Newsom for speaking the truth. It is very true. “Men cannot get pregnant!”

Others mockingly accused the governor as a transphobe.