DoJ Creates New Office of Environmental Justice to Battle Climate Change


“Environmental Justice”, one of those left-leaning concepts was created to make money off the government and corporations.

Attorney General Merrick Garland said that the issue is about racism and climate change. The “justice” part is secondary.

Garland stated that, while environmental crimes can happen anywhere, communities of color, indigenous peoples and low-income communities are often the ones most affected by the effects of climate change, polluting, and environmental crime.

Garland stated that “for too long these communities have faced barriers to accessing justice that they deserve”, and that the Justice Department will prioritise cases that have the greatest effect upon communities most affected by environmental damage.

Cynthia Ferguson, an attorney who is currently employed in the department’s Environment and Natural Resources Division, will be serving as interim director.

This is part of the Biden Administration’s efforts to address environmental justice issues and fulfill the president’s campaign promises. This included a whole-of-government approach to addressing climate change’s negative effects.

Garland stated that the Justice Department would make the OEJ its “central center” for all its efforts to implement the comprehensive environmental justice enforcement strategy.
 According to the Justice Department, it is currently working to restore the use of supplemental environmental projects. This enforcement tool is available in certain settlement agreements that can be used to correct harm from federal environmental law violations.