From Allies to Adversaries: Inside the Biden-Garland Rift


Joe Biden believes that Hunter Biden’s legal issues would not have occurred if he hadn’t run for president. He’s not happy about it.

Axios reports that “in private, there is no issue more likely to anger President Biden or make him sad than attacks on Hunter. People close to the president have witnessed his moods change when bad news comes out about Hunter.” The 81-year-old president told close associates that Hunter would not be facing criminal charges or being the subject of daily articles by conservative media if he had not run for office in 2020. All while trying to remain sober and rebuild his life.

According to the report, Hunter Biden’s ongoing criminal investigation has put Biden and Attorney General Merrick Garland at odds. Joe had to have expected Garland would do better to protect Hunter.

Consider it. Eric Holder, Barack Obama’s Attorney General, who famously called himself Obama’s “wingman”, went to extreme lengths to shield Obama from accountability and oversight. Dozens of inspector generals have accused the administration of obstructing the investigation. Biden had to have thought Garland was also his wingman and would shield him and his son from oversight.

Garland, Biden’s right-hand man, has turned the Department of Justice (DOJ) into a weaponized partisan agency. Frankly, the plan was working up until a federal court judge laughed at the sweet plea deal Hunter received a few months ago. Hunter might have received the clean slate Joe Biden hoped for. Hunter was just indicted for nine new federal crimes and faces up to 17 years in prison if found guilty.

Merrick Garland can only do so much to protect him. Jeff Sessions, Trump’s first attorney general, received a lot of criticism for his decision to recuse himself from the absurd Russian collusion probe. But he was doing it to avoid accusations of politicization.

Joe Biden’s lament is hilarious because he’s technically responsible for Hunter’s troubles. As we all know, Hunter was hiding his foreign income, which he earned by selling influence to the powerful father.

Hunter Biden was scrutinized more because of Joe Biden’s 2020 candidacy, but that was mostly due to the connection between his father and what he did. Joe Biden bragged about using a $1 Billion loan to Ukraine to fire Ukraine prosecutor Viktor Shokin. To protect his son who was on the board of Burisma which Shokin investigated. Hunter Biden was on the board at Burisma and earning $1 million per year. He had no energy experience. The job was a bribe to gain influence over Joe Biden while he was Vice President. That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s not be dishonest. Joe Biden didn’t make Hunter the target of his presidency; Joe Biden made Hunter the target by participating in influence-peddling schemes.