Alan Dershowitz Hammers Harvard: ‘Orwellian Groupthink’ DEI


Alan Dershowitz, a former Harvard Law School Professor, recently called for Claudine Gay, the Harvard president to resign. This was after Gay refused to denounce antisemitism in her university and failed to discipline demonstrators chanting for mass murder.

Dershowitz also went on a scorched-earth campaign against DEI – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – demanding that “Orwellian” groupthink be dismantled, debunked, and “utterly wiped out.”

Sally Kornbluth, president of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Liz Magill, president of the University of Pennsylvania completed the trio of elitist antisemites that made themselves look like bigoted jacka**es before the House Committee.

Dershowitz was unrelenting in his criticism of the three presidents of universities. He wrote an op-ed in the Daily

Liz Magill, the University of Pennsylvania’s president, has resigned after she enforced and articulated a “double standard” of free speech that was to the detriment of Jewish students. Harvard’s Claudine Gay is next in line. Next, Massachusetts Institute of Technology president Sally Kornbluth is next.

‘See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil.’ What better way to describe the university presidents of today?

The university leaders who failed the basic moral test by not holding Jewish students to the same standards as they hold for other groups on campus have shown a lack of moral clarity.

Am I ashamed to teach at Harvard, a place where I first taught 60 years ago? Yes. Am I shocked by this outrage of a scream? I am not surprised at all.

No one with a modicum of moral clarity or a sense of principle should.

Dershowitz, observing correctly, wrote: “Magill Gay and Kornbluth, are not leaders in the field of education. They are politicians.” They rarely follow through on their words, even when they are talking the talk. Unfortunately, all liberals are guilty of this. It seems that it is part of their DNA.

It’s not the first antisemitic rodeo in Harvard

Dershowitz has said that he would be willing to testify in front of the U.S. Department of Education regarding Harvard’s history of antisemitism, even though the department is not a strong supporter of Israel.

Before Tuesday’s hearing the U.S. Department of Education had already launched an investigation against Harvard, for failing to respond adequately to antisemitic harassment on campus. I would be happy to give the agency my testimony about the institution’s long history of discrimination. The truth is, no federal investigation or firings will suffice to restore fairness at Harvard.

In his resignation letter from the Antisemitism Advisory Group of Harvard University on Thursday, Rabbi David Wolpe wrote: ‘The system at Harvard, along with the ideologies that grip far too many students and faculty members, the ideology which only works along axes oppression, and places Jews in the role of oppressors, and is therefore intrinsically bad, is itself evil.

Rabbi Wolpe was right.

Then, the renowned scholar went on the offensive, attributing “evil ideologies” to leftists such as Liz Magill, Claudine Gay, and Sally Kornbluth, which have spread across the country in a twisted mental disorder.

Harvard and many other American institutions were forced to confront their pasts in the wake of the horrifying murder of George Floyd. The hiring of hard-left bureaucrats who are progressively woke, and steeped in identity politics costs hundreds of millions of dollars.

Some universities require professors to swear loyalty to D.E.I. and attend mandatory sensitivity sessions. They also actively censored opposing viewpoints. Now we can see the results were nothing less than Orwellian.

There is little tolerance of speech critical of D.E.I.

It turns out that ‘equity’ is the opposite of equality, even though it sounds similar. While equality requires that individuals are judged on merit, equity only benefits those who belong to certain identity groups.

As Rabbi Wolpe points out, this ideology of “inclusion” is dangerous and hypocritical. It excludes Jews.

Remember that Harvard failed to condemn Hamas explicitly or denounce quickly a letter from a group of students that said Israel was ‘entirely accountable’ for the terrorist massacre on October 7th.

“This is the D.E.I. worldview,” Dershowitz observed. “Today it looks down on Jews.”

Then he asked his most ominous op-ed question: “Who is next?”

There will be another “next”, and another, and another, and so on… until DEI, to paraphrase Ronald Reagan, is thrown onto the garbage heap of history.