Fox News Celebrates Radical Transitioning of Very Young Children


We expected MSNBC and CNN to do all they could for Pride Month. But, did we expect Fox News would take a stand on a story encouraging transgender kids to be transgender?

Ryland Whittington was featured by Fox News recently. Fox News video shows Whittington playing football alongside his father and looking fashionable as a teenage boy. Whittington is a girl who identifies with a boy, and her parents are happy to allow it.

Ryland, a Whittington family member stated that Ryland has been a boy ever since she first started to speak.

“I could clearly see it. We had to tell him constantly that he was a girl and it was hard for him to wear feminine clothes”.

Conservatives can have many faces and Fox News has done some great things over the years, but I believe this is just a small blip.

Fox News’ Bryan Llenas ended the segment by talking about Dana Perino. She looked, in fairness, like she was filming a hostage video.

Fox! Let’s have some truth. This ideology is rejected not because we don’t understand it but because it is an abomination to God.

I recently learned (HT: Jeff Reynolds) that there’s a term for this sort of parental psychosis: “Transhausen by proxy.”

Mixedarticle describes it as follows:

Some areas of the internet are witnessing the popularity of Transhausen By Proxy – or its derivatives Transhausen Parent and Transhausen proxy syndrome – neologisms.

According to this logic, a Transhausen parent convinces his or her child that they have gender dysphoria and then changes their behavior to convince them they are trans.

MedlinePlus says Munchausen syndrome can be a proxy for mental illness. This can also be considered child abuse. Either she creates fake symptoms, or makes it seem like the child is suffering from a serious illness.

This is an excellent description of the parents who push their children to transgenderism as a way to get validation. These fathers often stay home and are afraid to criticize their wives.

Fox is celebrating a woman with a mental illness. Ryland is a girl all the way down to her genes. It is a lie for parents, doctors, and Fox News to pretend otherwise. This encourages vulnerable children to believe gender is not an immutable characteristic.

Dr. Robert Malone described mass formation psychosis in the form of COVID zombies who follow Dr. Fauci without question. It is when a society becomes disconnected from each other and experiences free-floating anxiety. They can be led anywhere and they become hypnotized. “And that phenomenon is not all bad. They identify their leaders as the ones who tell them they have a problem and how to solve it. ”

Malone further explained, “Then they will follow that person. It doesn’t matter whether they lied to them or whatever. The data is irrelevant.”

And who do people follow when biblical truth is rejected and there’s a vacuum in the culture? Celebrities, “influencers,” and the media. Fox News.

The Journal of the America Medical Association published a paper that found media attention on gender dysphoria could play a significant part in the rapid growth of transgendering among young people. JAMA concluded that “This cross-sectional study showed evidence of a link between media coverage on TGD [transgender-diverse] issues, and young people being presented to gender clinics in Australia or the UK. ”

Fox News groomers want to get on this extreme bandwagon. Shame upon the person who signed up, and those at Fox News who have influenced such as Tucker Carlson or Sean Hannity who remain silent after the segment.

The promoters of this gender-bending ideology tell those of us who don’t believe the lie and refuse to go along with it that we are to blame for the pain these children and adults feel. I reject that notion. This is what happens when culture rejects God, rejects the truths found in the Bible, and embraces a pagan philosophy that worships at the altar of self-fulfillment.

No matter what big media wants people to believe the truth is the truth, wrong is wrong no matter how you look at it, and a spade is a spade and a boy is a boy.