Former NFL Player Cleared Of Rape Allegation Breaks Silence, Considers Suing Accuser


Matt Araiza, former Buffalo Bills punter, spoke to Outkick’s Tomi lahren about new details that show he wasn’t present at an alleged San Diego gang rape.

Yahoo Sports obtained a transcript of the meeting between the prosecutor and the accuser. It showed Matt Araiza had left the party about an hour before the 17-year old girl was allegedly gang-raped in a house close to San Diego State University. Yahoo Sports reported that prosecutors were unable to determine if she had been sexually assaulted from the video footage.

Araiza was released by the Bills in August 2022 after a public uproar sparked by his allegations. Araiza’s accuser continues to pursue a civil suit against him, even though the criminal case was dropped.

In an interview with Lahren on Thursday, Araiza said that the public’s reaction to the allegations of rape was the reason why the end of Araiza’s football career had been predicted.

“I was stunned, but it was obvious. The way people responded to it. “It was clear that my career would end before I could prove all of this, and it was at first terrifying,” Araiza said.

Araiza expressed his gratitude that the dispute didn’t turn into a “he says, she says” situation.

If there weren’t 35 witnesses that came forward to speak with the police, and if there was no video evidence of the incident from the previous night or the night before. Araiza stated, “I don’t even know what would have happened if none of this had occurred.”

Araiza informed Lahren that the Buffalo Bills had been made aware of his allegations one month before he was released. He claimed that the Buffalo Bills knew the truth, but the reaction was too intense to keep him in the team.

Matt Araiza’s case is a good example of how due process still matters and the media should acknowledge it occasionally. Me @Outkick!

Mary Katharine Ham @mkhammer May 11, 2023

Araiza: “I gave my lawyer the green light to keep them informed and give them our witness statements and all our evidence.” They knew the truth but the accusations against me were so strong that they cut me.

The punter for the former Bills lamented that he had been deemed guilty by public opinion, despite not having enough evidence. He said that he doesn’t blame his ex-team for their decision to split.

Araiza added, “I have nothing against Buffalo Bills. I just wish that things had been handled differently.” “But I appreciated the respect they showed me. Just the current climate. “Accusations are so hateful to those who choose to support the accuser, that it was almost forced for them to remove me from the team.”

Araiza said he wouldn’t be settling civil litigation against him.

The damage is done. Araiza added, “If I settled, I would lose my right to countersue. So, I am not willing to settle.”