Attorney For Pregnant Nurse Placed On Leave Says Defamation Lawsuits Will Be Filed Against Media


The lawyer for the pregnant woman who was placed on leave after a viral cycling incident announced that defamation suits would be filed against media portrayals of her.

Sarah Jane Comrey got into an argument when a group young black men accused her of trying to steal the rental bike that they had paid for in New York City. Her employer placed her on leave after the video went viral. Comrey was dubbed “Citi-Bike Karen” by many media outlets and accused of racism. Her lawyer claimed that this led her to hide.

Bill Hemmer of Fox News said Friday that Justin Marino, her lawyer, would be able to answer the question when they file defamation suits. “She has been called racist, she has been called a theft, there are many reasons that defamation law exists, and we intend to pursue this.”

He criticised the media’s portrayal of his clients and said that he would defend her in the event the hospital fired her for the incident. Comrey claimed that she bought the bike, but then had to buy a second after the confrontation.

Marino revealed two receipts that prove she rented two bicycles, including the first bike prior to the incident. He believes the media portrays the altercation in a racist light, and agrees with Hemmer that the incident was an “ugly misunderstanding.”

She’s been receiving death threats. She is hiding. Marino explained that what’s at stake is the damage social media has caused to this woman, who literally is a hero. She has helped people without any hesitation and yet within a minute, she is trying to ruin her own life.