Former Disney Animator Takes On The Left


An ex-Disney animator is fed up with watching the country sink and believes it’s time for a revolution. He has created a number of highly animated videos that are both politically savvy and fantastically animated.

It’s A Woke World After All guides the viewer on a journey through today’s leftist Disney world. The lyrics to a familiar tune accompany the ride.

PolitiZoid said that he grew to want to be Walt Disney and can’t even imagine what our country would look like without him. He asked what Hollywood’s future would be like without him. He said Walt Disney taught him a lot about America and that the connection has been broken.

PolitiZoid isn’t the first to venture into politics and has written many political commentary pieces about Newsom’s recall efforts.

PolitiZoid said he had made ten animated spots to support the 2020 Trump campaign and that none of them were used. PolitiZoid explained that he didn’t sleep all October and put out spots for the day following a debate. He said they didn’t get used and it was frustrating because the pieces created could have made a difference. They could have brought people in that traditional campaign ads would not have reached.

While we may never know the impact ads like these could have made in the 2020’s election, one thing is certain: GOP members need to learn from their mistakes and reach out to younger, tech-savvy voters.

PolitiZoid has been a consistent presence in L.A. He stated that what really needs to happen is for a group of people to work together to create opportunities so creators don’t have to worry about their careers being canceled or attacked.

Change takes time. But we don’t have much time. It’s great that people like PolitiZoid are still fighting for Walt Disney’s ideals of freedom, equality, and a better life.