Biden’s Spending Spree Includes a Kill Switch for Your Car


Do you remember the good times of the Affordable Care Act? Do you remember Nancy Pelosi’s statement that we must pass the bill in order to find out what it contained?

Biden’s infrastructure bill has recently promised an even larger pinata stuffed with miscellaneous proposals. Bob Barr, a former Georgia Rep, stated that the package contained a well-hidden item: a kill switch in cars.

The device will monitor the driver passively for signs of impaired operation, and turn off the car if necessary. This includes law enforcement and any other government agency that believes it has the right to monitor your activities. 

A recent spam attack on FBI email servers has proved to be a success. I would say that a compact of average size doesn’t have much chance. Your car and government cannot be protected from cyberterrorism. How many times has Siri given you the wrong answer and you have had to repeat yourself?

The system will shut down your car if it is suspected that you are drunk, drugged, or drowsy. It will not decide that you are impaired if your eyes go to the other side before you pull into traffic. It could be that the computer suddenly decides it needs to restart, or it will make an error while driving through a dangerous part of town. How will the algorithm interpret your behavior and what criteria will they use? What is the likelihood of your car grinding to a halt for your safety during a trip? How many potholes can you miss before your car stops moving?

Barr points out that there is not much information about any of this, which makes Legion’s potential problems.

The kill switch monitors Oceania citizens for anti-party behavior and perceived indolence. The kill switch will keep an eye on you while you drive, so you need to be careful with your Q’s and P’s. Your insurance premiums will skyrocket and you could be waiting for a tow.

How did this happen? It is likely that it has been on Washington’s list for many years. This is another brilliant way for the political and industrial powers to remind us plebes who is in control.