Fetterman’s Wife Is Giving off a Creepy Jill Biden Vibe


Because I am still trying to understand John Fetterman’s situation, I have avoided writing much about him. This is not about the stroke. We will soon get to that.

He dresses up like a stoner uncle and has spent the past 30 years trying to relive the six months he spent with a ska band as a teenager. A uncle that you know does strange things to your hamster even when you aren’t there. This man really seems to be proof that the majority of Democrat votes in the Philadelphia area were cast by dead people.

Normaly, even someone as ignorant as me would not criticize stroke victims. Fetterman, however, has made himself open to criticism by saying he would rather be a Senator from the United States than take care of his health.

Oder has he?

Is this John Fetterman’s dream, or is it his wife’s?

Gisele Fetterman was not even known to me until last weekend, when she had a fit over NBC News conducting an interview with her husband. The interview was unscripted and did not make it seem like he was there. We have to be real, members of mainstream media aren’t able to do this kind of thing after having to deal with President LOLEightyonemillion every single day.

Everything is going up Gisele Fetterman since that Saturday. Although they may not be campaigning in a basement, Fetterman is definitely giving off the “I am your husband’s handler” vibe Jill Biden first displayed in the summer 2020. In July 2020, I wrote Jill Biden wanted “Edith Wilson 2.0.” Now, it’s clear that Gisele Fetterman would love to be Jill Biden 2.0, or, to use a better analogy, Edith Wilson 3.0.

This is a Twitchy Thursday post:

Although it was a campaign appearance, the President of the United States made the visit. But, let’s not forget politics! GiGi says that a simple question asking for a “yes” or “no answer is not an interview.

That was about that appearance. Yes, Fetterman and Biden were invited to appear together in public by someone in the Dem hierarchy.

Train, meet Wreck.

They only allowed Joe Biden to speak, if you are wondering how terrible Fetterman is these day. For a moment, let the fact that Biden was the best public speaker sink in.

Here are some words Lincoln said about this sad story:

They should, and why not? Yes, there are a lot of jokes here. But, if you get to the core, this is a world leader, and possibly a future legislator, who clearly have serious cognitive issues. This is crucial, not only for matters of state, but also to establish confidence at home as well as abroad. The Democrats are aware of this, but they stand there with their fingers in the ears, shouting “La la, la la, la! At least they’re Republicans!” Donald Trump, La, la! La, la, la abortion! “La, la la, la January 6th!” Joe should be kept on a leash while Fetterman must keep his mouth shut unless absolutely necessary.

Biden also spoke out about a line in his speech. “John, thank-you very much for running. I truly appreciate it.” Gisele, you are gonna be a great, great woman in the Senate.

Wait, what?

Biden may be a complete spaz but what if he was actually revealing the endgame that the Democrats have in mind for Fetterman? He should be elected, and then tell the public that his health is very poor, so we will have to give his term to his wife.

It is hard to believe that Fetterman has the same heart as his wife. If he wins the election, there is no reason for Fetterman to think that his entire health will magically return. How is he going to be able to answer a single question at a campaign stop?

John Fetterman seems to be living the dream of a attention-seeking wife who doesn’t love him enough so he can avoid embarrassment in public, much like Biden 2020.

Dems, what a great group of gals!