FBI Raids Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, Unprecedented for Agency to Execute Search Warrant Against Former President


The FBI’s decision to execute a search warrant at former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home on Monday is “unprecedented” – especially for a non-sitting commander-in-chief and one who has indicated he might run again, a former special-agent-in-charge stated on Monday.

Michael Tabman, the former chief of FBI’s Minneapolis Field Office, stated that “we just don’t investigate presidents once they have served their term.” The FBI made this a significant decision because it is clear that they have to deal with a fragile political climate when they investigate a president who is running again.

Trump declared Monday morning his Florida home was intruded upon. The Justice Department was able to recover 15 boxes of classified material from Trump’s home.

Tabman, who is now retired, but was not part of the FBI’s investigation into Trump’s conduct, stated that securing an order for a search warrant “is no small feat.”

Telefonisch, he said, “You must, like most people understand it, produce probable cause.” A federal judge will need to be convinced of lots of information. They will examine it.

He described the process as “excruciatingly painful” and said that it was difficult to write the affidavit.

Tabman stated, “And there’s no doubt in my mind that this went all the way to the attorney general before it was taken to a judge.” Tabman also agreed.

He was asked about the possibility that a search warrant could be politicized. However, he said that every system can be compromised, but that the search warrant, in this case, will be made public.

A search warrant can only be sealed once. I signed a warrant to protect the case for many reasons. The return will also be made public. They will expose the affidavit. ”

He stated, “For this political to be truly political, there must also be corruption at all levels.” “This is something I do not believe exists. “