Dems Reject Middle Class Protection from Doubled IRS


Democrats rejected the Crapo Amendment and tacitly admitted that their nuclear-strength IRS only has one job: to wage war against everyone except their wealthy friends.

It was a wild weekend that saw President Joe Biden’s huge Tax & Spend & Regulate bill* pass the 50/50 Senate. Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D.N.Y.), suspended COVID-19 testing rules, and continued his superpreader voting event until midnight to secure passage of the $700 Billion boondoggle.

Schumer and all other Democrats voted NO when Schumer was asked to include IRS protections in the middle and poor classes.

Republican Senator Mike Crapo from Idaho proposed a simple amendment to Biden’s $80 billion expansion for the IRS with 87,000 additional agents. It’s possible you didn’t see it in your local newspaper, but it is certain that the network news completely ignored the Crapo Amendment.

Phil Kerpen was able to capture it.

Crapo Amendment

Biden promised to not raise taxes on those earning less than $400,000 per year. This is a famous promise, or infamous promise.

According to the Institute for Policy Innovation, and other groups, however, his Tax & Spend & Regulate bill would actually raise taxes “for most people”.

For those earning less than $100,000, the tax increase is only modest and breaks a promise that could be believed by only the clinically brain-dead.

However, it is Biden’s highly-armoured IRS that should alarm people. It will soon happen.

Robert Wood explains:

The Schumer-Manchin tax bill, known as the Inflation Reduction Act (or the Inflation Reduction Act), passed the Senate Sunday. It raises taxes and gives the IRS billions to enter what the Wall Street Journal calls “beast mode”.

Over a period of 10 years, more that half the new $80 billion IRS will be used to enforce. This means that there will be more audits.

CBS News reports that the IRS audits the poor at five times the rate as everyone else. The IRS audits the poorest people so that they can afford a tax attorney’s assistance.

The Crapo Amendment was created to ensure that the middle and poor don’t feel the burden of Biden’s Godzilla tax collection agency.

But Dems don’t know who butters their toast.

Honest taxpayers could be held responsible for thousands of dollars in legal fees even if the IRS finds no wrong.

Forbes also reports that the Government Accountability Office published a report stating that the IRS had 4,487 guns, 5,062,006 ammunition and 5,062,006 rounds in its weapon inventory at the end 2017.

This story should make you shiver.

Charles J. Charles J. Read is a CPA and president at GetPayroll, small business services bureau. He gives presentations about tax preparation and the difficulties that can arise when things go wrong. An ex-employee falsely claimed that Read’s client had skimmed the register and under-reported income. This triggered an IRS investigation. GetPayroll provided accounting records dating back to at least 10 years, upon their request. After two years, the IRS dropped the unsubstantiated investigation and the client paid almost $100,000 to hire a lawyer. Read says, “I didn’t bill my client after everything they’ve been through.” “I couldn’t bring myself to do that.”

Many lawyers wouldn’t be able to pay six-figure fees.

Remember how President Barack Obama used the IRS to fight the Tea Party? The IRS will still have 87,000 agents who can be used for partisan mischief if it does not comply with the Crapo Amendment.

Joseph Simonson reports that the IRS would receive more money than 600 percent if it was given the money.

Your budget, already shrinking because of Bidenflation, will be more susceptible than ever to the whims and desires of an increasingly rogue agency.