Examining the Worst 9 Seconds of Biden’s Career


Joe Biden’s growing senility has made it difficult to pick the most embarrassing moment from his presidency.

Imagine trying to top this first selection from September of last year, when Biden got lost exiting the stage at a Global Fund event, yet he’s done just that on several occasions. From the clip, it’s impossible to tell whether the announcer was supposed to address Biden at the end, or if he was just trying to get the alleged president’s attention and lure him to the correct side of the stage. You know, the side with the actual exit.

The bad moments in Biden’s life are getting worse.

It is unlikely that we will see another moment so telling as last week’s. This moment was my favorite because it showed not only Biden’s slow decline but also how the media pretends the POTUS has compos mentis.

It’s one thing to hide the weakness of FDR, especially during his last two or three years. However, it is another to pretend that a president with nuclear weapons can still have friendly interactions while the White House Press Corps is present.

Biden’s vacant look suggested that he had forgotten where he was over the weekend. After a short visit with the Air Force Academy Falcons Football team, he received a football jersey and other gifts.

In this clip, filmed in April last year, the Most Powerful PersonTM ™ is shown looking alone at a White House event and being ignored.

In a large group, a president rarely gets any peace and quiet. Everybody wants to get a few seconds with the man sitting atop a multi-trillion-dollar executive branch, and whose phone and pen can make or break… most anything, really. Joe Biden is often ignored. Why? Asking is the act of asking a question.

The opposite of what you would expect from a greatest-hits album. A great hits album would not be complete without new tracks. Today I’ve got a few songs for you.

The Quick & Dirty VodkaPundit Transcript is

[unintelligible, sounds vague like “I’m a puff”] Florida’s small business… winner… award winner… of, uh, the, uh, business week winner… [slams mic on lectern] YOU WON.

Like the last works of Joe Biden, it is a mystery who won.