Everyone Hates Joe Manchin


The incredible story of Senator Joe Manchin’s political survival is fascinating to follow over time. He has been able to convince enough Republicans to vote in his favor cycle after cycle.

That’s mostly come from a “clown nose on, clown nose off” routine where he pretends to stand tall on non-deciding votes while he folds to the radicals in his party when it really matters. That dynamic appears to be over, though.

The most recent NBC News poll has revealed one thing. Its implications for the midterm elections were something I carefully considered.

Manchin’s historic decision to plunge headfirst into the brick wall after having been strapped with dynamite is significant. It’s a significant historical marker, but it’s also a political disaster. He plunged headfirst into a brick wall after he had strapped himself with dynamite.

Manchin is still being harassed by left-wingers and thugs, and they are threatening his safety and career. He used this analogy to refer to Sen. Chris Coons when he was discussing how he would betray constituents. But he continues to play the victim for Democrats who want him gone.

It is hard to believe that 87,000 IRS employees would be willing to provide subsidies to wealthy people to buy electric cars in an inflationary boom.

What did Manchin receive back? Manchin was promised a permit reform bill, but that promise has not been taken up by the Senate and doesn’t guarantee passage in the House.

Manchin seems to have lost the trust of the Republicans who once gave him the benefit of the doubt.