Epic Fail: Brian Stelter’s Potato Delivery Sparks Hilarious Internet Reaction


Brian Stelter, former CNN anchorman, hasn’t been heard from in a while.

It’s a great thing.

When I read what Stelter said in an interview I had to write about it. It was so funny, and it was classic Stelter. Stelter’s obsession with Fox News continues even after CNN kicked him out. Stelter was surrounded by some anti-Fox News trolls when he told a hilarious story. He told how he received a potato and that the incident triggered his emotions.

“I received a potato in the mail once. It was in a Fed Ex package. It was a real potato. I showed it to my children… and they had no idea who sent it to me. In the Fox Universe, I was called Humpty Dumpty. Then it was ‘Brian is a Potato…I suppose it’s an insult, but also a joke?’

He claimed that people called him “spud”, as an inside joke, and said it was the way they knew each other, as if internet teasing is a secret society.

This is a splendid self-own if ever there was one.

In 37 seconds, Brian Stelter demonstrates his self-awareness and lack of awareness, while also blaming Fox News for a mistake it did not make.

Stelter’s being called a “potato” had nothing to do with Fox, or even being sent a potato. It was more about how people perceived him, and how he acted. Stelter may find it difficult to admit that, and he will have to reflect on his behavior. It’s funny how he tells the story and then forgets that someone mailed him this.

When I said that he got the facts wrong, does he think (or want us to believe) that it is somehow Humpty-Dumpty’s fault? Um, Brian? Humpty Dumpty is an egg. It’s because he was an egg when he “had the big fall” and could crack. The two are different.

Stelter is wrong as usual.

This sent many people on the internet into a roar of laughter. They had a great time.

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