Deadly Bronx Shooting Spree: Illegal Scooter Gang Leaves 1 Dead, 3 Injured


New York is not an exception. Our major cities have become increasingly lawless. In the Bronx, New York, four suspects riding two scooters shot and killed one person on Tuesday evening. Three others were injured.

The rear passengers of two scooters each carrying two men approached the scene in the eastbound direction. They fired about 10 rounds and hit four victims ranging from 23 to 37. Three men were fatally wounded in the legs, while a fourth man was shot to death in the chest. He was 29 years old.

All the suspects were wearing masks and hoodies as they fled northbound along Townsend Ave.

In recent months, New York has seen a rise in the number of illegal scooters being used in criminal activity.

Kaz Daughtry, the Deputy Commissioner for Operations of the City, spoke in detail about efforts made by the city to remove illegal scooters from city streets. He stated that 9,500 scooters had been confiscated this year. This number includes 2,500 scooters seized just in the Bronx.

Daughtry commented on the aggressive crackdown by the city: “This is an example of why it’s important to us that we do this to people riding these scooters.” “There is a direct correlation between people riding illegal scooters and committing crimes.”

The Big Apple is plagued by several crime problems.

New York is not the only place to see a rise in street crime over the past few years. It’s amazing how many cities adhere to leftist policies in the justice system, employing (let’s put it mildly) Soros-sponsored District Attorneys and Prosecutors, and do not even bother to look for the real reasons why these problems exist.

If we were to do a thorough root-cause investigation, it would be useful to examine the urban policy path. This includes the revolving door justice system, which is present in many of today’s major cities. These results have been repeated in San Francisco and Los Angeles as well as Chicago, St. Louis, and other cities.

We could also look at the impact of millions of illegal immigrants. Many of them are young men, some of whom have already committed crimes.

It would be useful to examine the educational path in detail. Some of our big city schools fail horribly. They produce only a single-digit percentage of graduates who are proficient in written English and math. This can’t be good.

You can’t ignore the unstoppable rise of a misogynistic, violent, toxic “thug culture” in urban areas.

Our major cities are melting away. This New York case represents a general trend. It’s hard to believe that things will change any time soon. Chicago, for example, suffered four years of leftist incompetence under an incompetent Mayor and then voted in an even more incompetent one.