Environmental Impact of AOC’s Methane Release Unknown


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a New York Democratic representative who Tucker Carlson called an “idiot windbag”. ” She has a reputation for being an environmentalist and she has expressed concerns about the climate change caused by “farting cows”.

She presented the resolution along with Senator Ed Markey, D-Mass. She introduced the frequently asked questions document with Senator Ed Markey (D, Mass.). However, the document they introduced did not include any proposals for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by animals.

In the document, it was stated that we set a goal to achieve net-zero, not zero emissions in 10 years because we didn’t know whether we could get rid of planes and farting cattle so quickly. ”

She also predicted the end of the world in 12 years. There isn’t much time left.

This is the same gas that cattle are accused of releasing (although they actually burp out more than they fart, if you want to know). It is the same gas as cattle burp out (although, they do fart more than they burp).

The person in front of the camera or someone else in the room could have done it. AOC appears to have been unconcerned about the environmental danger.

Here is an analysis of “drefanzor memes on X”.

When the Democratic California representative appeared to defile nature on live television and let loose:

Swalwell blamed someone else, as do all good Democrats. He told Seth Meyers, on Late Night, that he was “completely cleared”.

It Wasn’t Me! !!!! He sent a text to a Buzzfeed reporter.

Given that greenhouse gases are a leading cause of climate change, one can only wonder how Swalwell, AOC, and other companies contribute to the issue. There is a lot of vapor:

Most of the gas passed through flatulence is odorless. However, it contains hydrogen sulfide, which gives flatulence a rotten-egg smell.

The Environmental Protection Agency has not yet commented on this issue.

The latest story has social media users holding their noses. It’s not surprising that this story has a bad odor, given the amount of hot air coming out of Washington, D.C. “Who did better? “Who was the best?” The poster asked, “Who did it best?” Eric Fartwell or AOC? Another person wrote “Eric Fartwell, or AOC?”

I find this funny even though I’m aware that it’s fake because I couldn’t locate it on the Truth Social page of former president Donald Trump.

My co-worker remembered this video that proves you should always be aware of what you’re doing:

Ocasio Cortez has a reputation for bold but ignorant statements. This time, it seems that she’s really let loose.