Employee Complaint Alleges Florida Doctor Said Unvaccinated Hospital Staff Should be Taken to the Firing Line


Sarasota Memorial Hospital employees in Sarasota, Florida are claiming senior doctors have threatened and abused them. They also claim that staff overwork poses safety risks.

The Florida Standard reached out to hospital employees who wanted to remain anonymous but gave copies of their complaints to hospital administrations.

The employee filed a complaint against Dr. Daniel B.

The employee asked if he would be vaccinated. The employee replied, “no,” and added, “because it’s my freedom to choose.”

Dr. Case replied, “You guys, you are the reason people are dying and COVID is spreading.”

The complaint also claims that the doctor said that “When you guys get fired”, then there will be a party and Darwinism “will do its job” and, perhaps, most shockingly, “They should send you guys to the firing lines.”

Dr. Case said the latter when asked if he was a fascist.

According to the employee, there was no relationship between him and the doctor that would allow such jokes to be made.

According to a nurse at the hospital, the hospital created a list of unvaccinated employees in 2021. They were then subjected to re-education sessions led by other staff members, to persuade them to get vaccinated.

Staff was also informed by a letter that they must be “isolated during meal times” and that a color-coded sticker system would apply to employee badges. However, the sticker system was never implemented.

Others claimed that Dr. Jonathan Hoffberger encourages hostile work environments. One physician stated that Hoffman, a heart surgeon, “yells” at patients who aren’t vaccinated and “refuses open-heart surgery on patients who haven’t had an mRNA injection.”

Hoffberger posted several social media comments criticizing people who wanted to do their own research.

“Stop Doing Your Own Research,” a Facebook post states, along with an attached image that promotes vaccination.

The photo states that the myth is “I have had COVID-19 so I don’t need to get vaccinated because I have antibodies.”