Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Jobs Cut at Higher Rate Than Other Roles


Recent research has shown that companies are cutting diversity roles and equity positions at a faster pace than other jobs. Fox News Digital reported DEI workers took to Twitter to express their dismay at this trend and claim that they were essential for workplace equity.

Revelio Labs published a report earlier in the month which showed a “disproportionate impact of layoffs on DEI professionals as well as higher employee turnover.”

The report states that “the attrition rates of DEI positions have outpaced those in non-DEI positions at over 600 US businesses that have laid off employees since late 2020, and have accelerated rapidly over the past six months.”

Layoffs in 2022 were experienced by Companies with DEI positions at 33%, compared to 21% for all other positions.

Revelio Labs reported that Amazon, Twitter, and Nike each reduced between five and 16 DEI workers over the past six months.

This trend, according to the report is a “bad sign” that companies aren’t prioritizing diversity initiatives and inclusive initiatives. According to the report, DEI teams have a positive effect on employee morale and are more inclined to hire diverse employees.

DEI workers expressed concern over the trend and argued that their positions were crucial to promoting workplace equity.

Minda Harts, an equity strategist, wrote in a now-deleted tweet that she had “over 30 speaking engagements last February, but has only had 5 this February”. It’s insane how things have just been cut. Tell me that you care about your Black and Brown employees w/out telling me you care. How can you solve this… make equity all year around… You can’t make equity optional.”

Harts criticized companies for their DEI layoffs and encouraged them “recommit” to creating equitable workplaces. Harts claimed that employees require safe environments which are tied to productivity.

Dr. Jenn Jackson, a Syracuse University assistant professor, and self-proclaimed abolitionist replied, “This resonates.” My engagements this year have been lower.

Jackson accused “a lot of white women” of “taking up space giving ‘diversity and inclusion’ talks.”

Harts was contacted by Karen Catlin who is an author and speaker. 2023 marks the first time in many years that I have not had a speaking engagement.

Harts was told that Hassan Mirza, ex-DEI coordinator, was the one who was fired when his employer was in financial trouble.

Mirza wrote that “I think the trend continues with Women’s Month (March) and Pride (June). “I lost my job as DEI coordinator at my former job, the community, and DEI suffer when businesses fail to make a profit”.