Emergency Powers Against Freedom Convoy Spark Controversy and Rebuke


Let’s talk about the abuse of “emergency power.”

It’s Canada’s Turn. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada in 2022 invoked the Emergency Powers Act for the Trucker Freedom Convoy. Hear Trudeau’s first use of these powers.


A court ruled on Tuesday that Trudeau, and the Canadian government, violated the civil rights of the protestors.

A federal court has ruled that the Liberal government used the Emergencies Act to clear protesters from convoys in early 2022. This was unreasonable and violated the Charter rights of protesters.

“Ultra Vires” (Latin for “outside the law”) is the term courts use to describe actions that are beyond the scope and authority of the law.

At a retreat for cabinet members in Montreal, Chrystia Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada said that the government intends to appeal the ruling.

This is a very ironic name for someone who enjoys her dictatorial powers. Freeland says she does not regret the decision she made to cut off Canadians’ finances, abuse them by police, and destroy families and livelihoods.

Two national groups, the Canadian Civil Liberties Association, and Canadian Constitution Foundation, as well as two individuals whose accounts were frozen, brought the case to the Federal Court. According to them, Ottawa had not met the legal threshold by invoking the legislation. This was the first time it had been invoked.

Our states — from California to New York to Alabama — still try to make COVID regulations a reality, even though the ongoing post-mortems of the failed COVID response and abuses in the United States are still going on. As long as we continue to ignore news about Canada’s dictators being slapped by the United States for violating people’s human rights, and we continue to blink and yawn at it, we’ll become complacent

To avoid repeating the same mistakes, the American people can remove those responsible for them. They have the opportunity to do this at all levels, from the local to the federal. When we vote, we must remember what was done or not done in the name of COVID-19.