Drug Companies Are Refusing to Follow the Law and Are Killing Rural Hospitals


I have written many times about the federal drug program 340b and Big Pharma’s incessant attempts at denying drug discounts under that federal rule. The goal of this federal rule is to make healthcare more affordable for rural, cash-strapped providers.

A new study from the American Hospital Association (AHA) shows that Big Pharma refuses to offer drug discounts, as required by federal law. This is a problem both for rural hospitals and for conservative Americans. The majority of rural America is made up of conservatives.

More than 300 hospitals and healthcare systems were involved in the AHA study. You can find a lot more information here.

I’m open to the idea that 340b may not be one of those hot-topic red meat subjects. It hurts people who live in large cities.

Since the study, however, drug companies have refused to offer discounts as required under this obscure federal law. This could be more than what AHA found.

Pharmaceutical companies have made it clear that they will not offer discounts for medication in hand-picked circumstances since the summer of 2020. They have all been more supportive of vaccine mandates and hormonal intervention, which tends to be beneficial for the companies. It is funny how all of this goes back to COVID-19, vaccinations, and so forth.

Progressives used to be skeptical of Big Pharma. Progressives were once skeptical of Big Pharma.

It can have devastating consequences. There is a worrying trend in rural hospitals being closed due to illegal end-runs to drug pricing rules that have been in effect for decades.

It is illegal for anyone to think they are above the law. These corporations are doing this at the expense of rural Americans.