Don Lemon’s Comments About CNN Firing Will Have You Cracking Up


In April, former CNN host Don Lemon was fired from the network after constant controversies became too much for Chris Licht.

Lemon has now spoken about his dismissal, and he is making some pretty funny remarks.

What did he think was the problem?

Lemon spoke with a local ABC in Memphis, Tennessee. He then went on to speak at the Memphis Chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. Lemon says that his problem is he’s trying to fulfill the promise made by the Constitution and being too honest. It’s hard to believe that he would say such a thing.

As a journalist and as an American, I am responsible for telling the truth and keeping the promises made by the Constitution. The Constitution states a more perfect, not perfect, union. I am not perfect. To fulfill the promise made by the Constitution, it is important that we stand up for the right. We must stand up for the truth.

Lemon stated that he did not believe in “platforming” liars and bigots as well as insurrectionists or election deniers. He also said he would never put them on the same level as people who were telling the truth and fighting for the right thing, i.e. people who adhered to the Constitution.

“I believe that it would be a breach of journalistic duties to do such things.” Lemon stated, “That is what got me to where I am now, and it is what will carry me forward.”

This part was particularly rich. Lemon said, “To know I am standing up for the Constitution and abiding by it, as my profession requires that I do, because the First Amendment to the Constitution lists freedom of speech and expression, and freedom of the press,” Lemon claimed.

You see, he’s not the guy who is always sounding like a Democratic talking point. He’s a hero for the Constitution. Does he even know which network he was with? Even his former network has accused him of being inaccurate in his previous remarks about the firing.

Lemon appears to have forgotten about the details surrounding the firing, including the fact that the network had been upset by how he treated his female co-workers and blew up on the set. Lemon, 57, was also forced to apologize publicly by the network for calling Republican Nikki Haley 51 years old and not in her prime. He had to take training and called his remarks “inartful” and “irrelevant”. He never apologized for his comments to Haley.

Vivek Ramaswamy, Republican presidential candidate Vivek noted that the controversy around him may have been what finally convinced CNN to cut ties with Lemon.

Lemon says that he will just hang around for a while. He might have plenty of time to do that. I don’t know who will be eager to take him on, given his difficult behavior.