Does Everyone Hate Bud Light?


Finally, our deeply divided nation has been reunited! We can’t agree on whether dismembering a child in the womb constitutes a crime or a human right. We cannot agree on whether male athletes can be champions in women’s sports. We will never agree that a kleptocrat with dementia who is utterly corrupt should have been allowed to sit in the Oval Office. We disagree over whether the Founding Fathers should be regarded as visionaries for freedom or despised for being slaveowners. However, we all agree that we hate Bud Light.

It’s amazing how effective the Patriots have been in their rejection of Bud Light since it hired the utterly offensive fake woman Dylan Mulvaney to be its spokesperson. Bud Light’s sales dropped by over 26% on April 22. Overnight, the beer that had been so widely available became associated with the authoritarian Left and its efforts to force Americans to accept their increasingly revolting agenda. The King of Beers was transformed into the Drag Queen, a “tranny liquid” that only other half-men would drink in public and private.

In the beginning, Leftist men of the half did rally to a beer they would normally have scorned. Ted Lieu, a far-left congressman from California (SSR), tweeted a photo that was embarrassingly staged. He held a Bud Light as he had never touched an earthly object before. Three of Lieu’s Golden State co-workers were standing with him holding Bud Light cans, albeit a little less gingerly. They were Adam Schiff (D-Get Trump), Judy Chu(D-Workers’ Paradise), and Mark Takano (D-Newsomland).

Lieu did not add a caption to the photo, but it was clear that the Leftist elites support men who believe they are women. The Leftist Elites want you to stop complaining and accept men who believe they are women. They also want you to drink Bud Light with joy. The sales of Bud Light continued to fall despite the support of four representatives that make V. I. Lenin appear like an America-First, free-market capitalist. Anheuser-Busch finally did what they should have done weeks ago: they backed off Dylan Mulvaney, cautiously, but unmistakably.

Anheuser-Busch was in for a rude surprise if it thought that by falsely claiming that Mulvaney’s involvement was “limited to one single can” Bud Light, the entire situation would finally blow over. Anheuser-Busch’s hesitant retreat from Mulvaney only irritated the newly-minted Leftists who support the brand. Ted Lieu won’t be holding a Bud Light bottle as if it was a landmine, or in any other manner, for a long time.

Jay Brown, senior vice president of the Human Rights Campaign who has received millions from the George Soros Open Society Foundation to push corporations into supporting LGBTQWTF’s agenda, complained: “In this time, it is essential for Anheuser-Busch to stand in solidarity with Dylan and the trans-community.” Anheuser-Busch has shown a lack of resolve when confronted with anti-LGBTQ+ criticism and transphobic comments. This shows a profound inability to uphold its values of inclusion, diversity, and equity for employees, customers, and shareholders.

The Advocate, which was also enraged, said: “Rather than come to the defense of a woman who is transgender, rather than defend an acceptance campaign, and instead of letting the campaign with Mulvaney stand for itself, Anheuser-Busch has poured alcohol on an extremists’ fire and that will continue singeing our community.” It should be us.

So, that’s it: Bud Light is no longer popular. Patriots who have had enough of the Left’s perversity, delusion, and depravity will continue to avoid it. Now, Leftists will also avoid the brand because they are angry that it didn’t just sit by and watch as sales plummeted due to Mulvaney. It is wonderful to see the unity of Americans.