Does Biden Want War with Russia?


The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs recently protested against “the military activities of the United States of NATO member states along Russia’s perimeter, including military flights by military ships and dangerous maneuvers by naval vessels,” prompting the obvious question: What is Old Joe Biden doing?

The Foreign Ministry stated that the note was sent to Moscow’s US Embassy on December 8th protesting the provocative actions. It warned of the dangers of reckless behavior. The note lists recent incidents that did not end in tragedy due to luck or the quick-thinking Russian pilots and air traffic control controllers. The State Department has yet to respond to the Russian Foreign Ministry’s claims.

The Foreign Ministry statement was made one day after Biden’s video conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin. During which Biden threatened Putin to impose severe economic consequences on Russia if it invades Ukraine, A.J. Kaufman pointed out that Putin wasn’t afraid of Biden. Biden’s handlers might provoke war with a powerful power, while our woke military is busy purging white supremacists, i.e. dissidents from the regime’s agenda from the ranks, and busy with social engineering rather than trying to figure out how to win wars.

Russian communique stated that the unacceptable and dangerous activities of NATO member countries’ aircraft violate basic principles of International Air Navigation.

This is a very dangerous game. This is a dangerous game that Dems must already be familiar with. They have spent many years spreading the Russian Collusion hoax, needlessly provoking Russia over nothing in order to try and destroy Donald Trump. Some of the most extreme Leftists became Cold Warriors and began to sound like old Cold Warriors.

All this friction with Russia is completely unnecessary and the direct result of the Dems’ selfish and vicious attempt to bring down a president duly elected. Biden’s handlers have made matters worse by engaging with these “provocative activities” against Russians.

The Russian Foreign Ministry made a threat at the end of the statement: “Reserving our right to respond to similar challenges posed by America and NATO members, We call for a substantive dialog on security guarantees, a discussion about pathways to reduce military tensions, political tensions, and prevent dangerous incidents in air and sea.”

This statement was issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry, a foreign policy error on the part of Biden’s handlers. It is only surpassed by their disastrous handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It is foolish to play chicken with Russia when we only have our weak, inept, and misdirected woke military to support us.