Chris and Andrew Cuomo Tied to Plot to Discredit Fox News Reporter


As Fox News Janice Dean’s criticisms of the governor’s handling of the pandemic started to score with the public, others began to strategize on how to discredit her. Dean, who lost both her parents to the pandemic policies of the former Governor Cuomo regarding New York’s nursing homes, was the only voice in national media that criticized Cuomo and mentioned an alternative for Joe Biden for the Dem nomination.

Cuomo signed an executive decree that permitted more than 9,000 COVID-positive patients to enter nursing homes. He spent his entire time as governor trying to cover up this terrible decision, which cost the lives of 15,000 residents and staff of nursing homes.

Dean said this was never about politics and it was about the way the governor’s office dealt with grieving families seeking answers to the executive orders. Cuomo’s spokesperson Rich Azzopardi called them a death cult and told his sister-in-law to “get a live” not long after her parents’ deaths. Dean was a vocal critic of Cuomo’s policies and became a target for the brothers’ anger.

A source claims that Chris wanted to defend his brother by texting Andrew’s staff on ways to discredit Dean. Chris asked an Andrew staffer how he could pursue “this Fox weather bitch” and paint her as far-right crazy. He is believed to have also spoken with Melissa DeRosa’s staff about how to attack Dean and focus on her political leanings. She is a meteorologist and doesn’t often get involved in politics.

Melissa DeRosa was previously the secretary to the governor and tried to help Chris Cuomo with a messaging strategy to discredit Dean. Sources confirmed that the governor was also present at some strategy sessions. Dean made clear in her statement to CNBC that she was not a “far-right crazy” and said that the Cuomo boys’ targeting tactics were unprofessional and misogynistic.

Over the past year and a half, she said she’s seen Andrew Cuomo’s victims and those who are demanding accountability be denigrated and discredited in the media and social media. Azzopardi was especially misogynistic and reported that he was ‘not a credible source on anything but maybe the weather.

Andrew Cuomo’s policies led to the deaths of 15,000 people. Cuomo will not be held responsible for intentionally undercounting the death toll his arrogance and stupidity caused.

He will need to be able to accept that knowledge throughout his entire life.