Disney Announces Massive New Investments in Florida, Boosting DeSantis


Disney, Florida, and Gov. Ron DeSantis is a Republican in Florida who has been at a standstill with the state since it passed the Parental Right in Education Bill. The intellectually bankrupt Democrats and the media jumped all over a provision in the law and called it “Don’t Say, Gay”.

Bob Chapek (a miserable failure of leadership at the time) became involved after the LGBTQ cast and other leftist members urged him. Bob Chapek “paused” the political donations made by the company to both Republicans and Democrats. The cast members who did not believe in the Pride Cult were also left without a voice.

DeSantis and state legislators were looking for a way of punishing Disney for its interference in state politics. Disney had abused the quasi-governmental powers granted to it by the state back in 1967. The Reedy Creek Improvement District under which Disney operated was no longer valid. The state created a new district to supervise its property.

This was done by limiting the powers of the Central Florida Tourist Oversight District Board (CFTOD). This was achieved by limiting the powers of the Central Florida Tourist Oversight District Board.

The mainstream press used the Disney/DeSantis issue to attack the governor. When Disney canceled a billion-dollar project to move their Imagineering division from California to Florida, the media attacked DeSantis.

However, some “experts” claimed that Disney is abandoning Florida. According to WUSF, in May, an expert from Florida Public Radio said that Disney may withdraw $17 billion dollars which were earmarked for the Orlando theme park during the next decade.

In the last few years, we’ve seen that “experts” can be wrong. On Tuesday, the Walt Disney Company filed a filing with the SEC stating its intention to invest $60 billion in its tourism properties. Sorry football fans, the SEC isn’t the Southeastern Conference.

The declaration declares:

Walt Disney Company gives an update on their plans for capital expenditures at the Disney Parks, Experiences, and Products segment (DPEP). The Walt Disney Company developed plans to increase and accelerate investment within the DPEP sector. The segment’s consolidated capital spending will be nearly doubled compared to the previous period, which lasted approximately 10 years. It is expected that the total expenditures for the segment over the next 10 years will reach $60 billion.

Walt Disney World, which is featured prominently in the filing, has a staggering amount of investments. The filing includes new cabins in Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and a hotel near Disney’s Polynesian Resort. Disney Cruise Line, which has many ships that sail out of Port Canaveral, is also prominently mentioned.

Disney’s business is to make money, so it doesn’t matter how much virtue signaling they do. It doesn’t matter how much you signal your virtue.