Dem NY Gov. Hochul Biggest Hypocrite on Illegals


New York Governor Kathy Hochul said on Wednesday there were “other cities” that illegal aliens could go to because New York City does “truly” not have enough space for them. Hochul today told NY1 that “temporary protection status and expediting the work permit for thousands of Venezuelans who entered the US before July 31” was an “important first step” to getting expedited work for migrants.

Let’s pause for just a minute so you can absorb what Hochul said.

On one hand — and we’ll get to the juicy numbers in just a moment — Hochul says that poor New York, run by Democrats who just love open borders, can’t handle the number of illegals that have entered the state over the last 18 months. On the other hand, she thinks it’s a grand idea to expedite work permits “for all migrants.”

What are the incentives, Kathy?

This crazy idea came from nowhere. We should build a barricade or try to send illegals back. In the event that this fails, we could deport them to the border that they weren’t supposed to cross.

No, that would not be very smart. Instead, we should expedite the process so that they can get on a fast track toward what is basically permanent residency and virtual citizenship.

Look at these numbers. I assure you, they are juicy.

The Post reports that approximately 110,000 migrants have entered New York since spring 2022. John Daniel Davidson, writing for The Federalist, notes that “about 45000 people crossed the Rio Grande in an illegal manner” near Eagle Pass in Texas in the last five days.

Since the 20th of January, 2021, there have been approximately 6,200 daily arrests for illegal entry to the United States. However, millions more people have not been caught.

How much is it? Nobody knows.

Eagle Pass is home to 28,000 residents. Residents of Eagle Pass must answer the question “Where will we place them all?” Every day.

You are feeling for those who have paid the most due to the destruction caused by the Biden Cabal along our southern border.

Hochul has claimed that she doesn’t know where to put a few thousand illegal immigrants. I know where she can put them.