Did Amazon Use Hollywood Strike to Dump Failing Woke Shows?


Amazon’s streaming services can best be described as “hit and miss”, with the misses being more common than the good. The number of good shows can be counted on one hand, but you’ll forget all the bad ones.

Rings of Power is the worst of all the excrement Jeff Bezos has produced. The show cost Amazon around $1 billion and was bombing harder than MOABs. It showed Amazon’s ability to spend large and lose even more. Amazon was not pretending that everything was fine. It was clear that the streaming service was in a crater.

Amazon may be able to take advantage of a little luck, which ironically comes in the form of the ongoing Hollywood strike. It appears that Amazon is using the strike to cancel shows that are underperforming…or that’s at least what they’re being accused of.

ScreenRant reports that Amazon canceled the “A League of Their Own”, despite its second season being renewed. Didn’t you watch it? Didn’t know it was created? You are not alone. The show isn’t very popular because it uses social justice messages and other woke nonsense. It was originally planned to have a second season that would be shortened to finish some storylines. But now, it’s just been thrown out.

Abbi Jacobson is the co-creator of the show. This seems to have surprised her. Amazon claims that the strike is to blame for the cancellation, but Abbi Jacobson seems to think it is due to other factors. She called the decision in an Instagram post “cowardly”, “bull**it”, and “bull**it”.

Amazon has also canceled its sci-fi series “The Peripheral”, which had also performed poorly. Forbes reports that this cancellation, along with “A League of Their Own”, is only the beginning of a major wave of cancellations, not just on Amazon.

Paul Tassi, Forbes’ senior contributor, wrote: “This feels like a start, and I would expect to see a lot more, a combination between cutting costs, and the effects from the strike.”

We are now back at “Rings of Power.” There are many rumors about whether Amazon’s most expensive and biggest failure will also be guillotined. It’s possible that the show could be untouched, even though it has been in production for five years. The writer’s strikes may have allowed them to rearrange their board.

“Rings of Power”, Amazon’s most costly show, had a storyline that was a mess. It reimagined Tolkien characters in a cringe-worthy way and added too much “for a modern audience” flavor. The show became boring and viewers watched less and less of it as the season progressed.

The bastardization of Tolkien’s work, including the bad writing, horrible acting, and terrible costume, drained all goodwill Amazon and “Rings of Power” had with their audience. Amazon can’t continue on this path without suffering huge losses.

It’s safe to assume that the show has been discussed in meetings, despite nothing being announced. The show is unlikely to be canceled, given the amount of money that has been invested in it. However, it is likely that there will be some changes.

What kind of changes are they going to make? Will these course corrections bring back Tolkien’s fans? If they do this, then the changes must be drastic, including a new writing team, and perhaps an entirely different storyline, which ignores the original.

At this stage, nothing is set in concrete, not even the approved renewals of seasons. Amazon’s decision to burn its content could put the company back on track, or it could cement its failure.