DHS Takes Shot At McCarthy Over Call For Mayorkas To Resign


According to the Department of Homeland Security, Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will not resign after Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R. CA) asked him to do so and threatened that a Republican House would impeach him next Year if he didn’t.

The agency said Mayorkas had inherited an immigrant crisis and that it will continue to address it as a result of McCarthy’s promise to investigate the secretary. McCarthy announced the announcement Tuesday at the southern border in apparent attempt to win the support of conservative GOP caucus members, whose votes are crucial for him to be elected speaker.

In a statement, the DHS shared with the Washington Examiner that “Secretary Mayorkas was proud to promote the noble mission of the Department, support its extraordinary workforce and serve the American people,” it said. The Department will continue its work to enforce our laws, secure our border, and build a safe, orderly and humane immigration system. Congress members can do more than point fingers at others; they should be open to discussing solutions to our broken system, outdated laws, and ineffective policies.

McCarthy declared in El Paso Texas that he was calling for the resignation of his secretary. “We cannot and should not continue in that position,” McCarthy stated, adding that his party would investigate all orders, actions, and failures and decide if an impeachment investigation can be initiated.

It didn’t win over all the House Freedom Caucus members.

Andy Biggs (Republican from Arizona), was one of many conservative members who pledged to withhold their votes for McCarthy as speaker. He said that the vow came out of political desperation. Biggs, who unsuccessfully attempted to defeat McCarthy as speaker, and some of his supporters could deny McCarthy the 218 votes necessary to take the top spot because of the extremely slim Republican majority.

“He was radio silent, but had ample time to support impeachment articles for Mayorkas. He was not opposed to their use even a month before. Biggs tweeted that the change of heart was due to obvious reasons.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, a firebrand representative from Georgia and a member the House Freedom Caucus supported the California Republican’s decision. In recent months, she has been vocal in her support for McCarthy. She has also promised to return her assignments to committee after the House voted against her.

She tweeted, “This should give conservatives an indication of the type of Speaker Kevin McCarthy will become and why I support him.” “He demands Mayorkas resign, or face investigation leading to impeachment [because] of the cartels running our border. There are more such things to come.

The House will vote on Jan. 3, which is the first day of Congress 118th, to elect a speaker.