After 769 Days, CBS News Finally Confirms the Authenticity of Hunter Biden’s Laptop


In March, the Washington Post and the New York Times finally confirmed the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s laptop that he had left in 2020 at a Delaware computer repair shop. The laptop’s contents were turned over to several news outlets, including the New York Post by the owner of the shop.

The Post confirmed that the contents of the laptop were there and ran a series of blockbuster stories highlighting a strong connection between Joe Biden’s drug-addicted son, Joe Biden, and his many shady dealings and connections with the Chinese and Russians.

After a letter was published by 50 ex-intelligence officials claiming that the laptop was most likely a Russian plot to influence the election’s outcome, all major social media platforms banned mention of the laptop and Post stories. Many posts were flagged as “misinformation” and Facebook stopped carrying New York Post stories on their news feed. It almost seems like a giant curtain has been drawn over the story, making it disappear into cyberspace.

The “what ifs?” of this story can be debated for years. What if the articles were allowed to circulate? It is still unclear if the biased news media would pick up the stories and leave the Post and some conservative sites to report on them. What impact could the laptop stories have had on the 2020 presidential election?

The “Russian disinformation” angle started to crumble almost immediately. Most major news outlets in were ashamed to admit that they believed the laptop was disinformation in March 2022.

It is quite telling that CBS took so long to acknowledge what other news outlets already knew. Many on the right don’t trust the media, and especially not the federal government to “police misinformation”.

The fallout continues. Matt Taibbi is a victim of YouTube censorship and points out that YouTube has kept videos on the laptop story that should be clearly labeled “misinformation.”

These stories are just a few of many. These “Russian disinformation stories” still appear high in Google searches. YouTube and Google are now exhibiting A of the truth about any attempt at “moderation” content on a large scale. You’ll end up with official disinformation if you even try to remove “disinformation” from your site.

This is not a good-faith effort. YouTube has evolved into a site that not only censors truthful content but also traffics in quasi-official deceptions. It is now indistinguishable as a state censorship agency. They should feel confident in their decision and be open to explaining themselves to me if they are right. They can still expect love letters from me until then.

Twitter is ridiculed by the left. They want to be a nanny for the American people, to “protect” them from disinformation and lies. Who’s going to defend us against them when they censor information about themselves that we don’t want to see?

The Founders, those white men who were afraid of the mob and owned slaves, were quite smart about free speech. Let the people decide what is true.

Sometimes people make mistakes. Most of the time they do it correctly. Twitter is not hateful, it’s freedom. That’s why the left is so afraid of it.

Like all other tyrants in history.