Detention of Illegal Alien Families Being Considered as Title 42 is Set to Expire in May


The Biden administration is facing the possibility of an illegal wave crossing the border to escape the pandemic crisis on May 11.

After Title 42’s immigration restrictions are removed, up to 18,000 illegal aliens will attempt to cross the border each day. Title 42, a pandemic health measure that allows the government to immediately expel illegal aliens, is Title 42.

The Trump administration decided to return many policies to their original status, including the policy that allowed the government to hold illegal alien families. Significant changes will also be made to how asylum is granted. This includes the resurrecting of Trump’s policy on third-country transport for asylum seekers.

Trump’s policy on family detention will not be followed in Biden’s administration. This is because the time families are held for will be different.

Wall Street Journal:

One person said that if the administration decides to detain families, they will be held for a short time for processing and would follow a decades-old court agreement governing the detention of immigrant kids. This settlement generally prohibits the government from keeping families in detention for more than 20 days.

It takes much longer to resolve asylum cases. According to the Transactional Records Clearinghouse of Syracuse University, cases of asylum seekers who are not in prison are pending before federal immigration court for an average time of 4.2 years.

Asylum seekers will not be automatically admitted to the U.S. if this law is enacted. Anyone who travels through third countries on their way to the U.S. southern border would be denied asylum under the new rule. Trump was harshly criticized for this policy. However, the third-country transit law is consistent with American and International law. It should reduce the number of illegals crossing the border by almost half, as about 60% of those arrested at the southern border are asylum seekers.

Biden’s administration is uncomfortable with any comparisons to Trump’s. Biden mocked Trump in the 2020 campaign for many policies that he was forced by circumstances.

Biden officials resisted comparisons with Trump’s administration, claiming that the new asylum rule was an urgent and temporary measure. In addition to the restrictions, they also pointed out an increase in legal programs for certain migrants that were announced this year.

After the 2014 first significant Central American family wave and unaccompanied child arrivals, the Obama administration established family detention centers. However, the facilities were criticized for their conditions. Officials scrambled for space and converted the New Mexico Border Patrol Training Headquarters into a temporary jail.

What if the border chaos of 2018-19 was not an “emergency?” Biden can’t even admit that Trump is right about anything.

The same actors who were hysterical about Trump’s border policies are now losing it over Biden’s measures. The ACLU, America Friends Services Committee — Open Borders, Inc. Michelle Malkin described the huge open border coalition in 2019 — will produce press releases, books, and other mass media pieces to convince Americans that they are selfish for wanting secure borders.

Center for Immigration Studies:

This coalition of open borders is huge. It includes some unwitting participants. But those who drive the agenda are part of a diverse elite that knows what they’re doing. They are doing it with an “unfettered contempt of actual popular sentiment,” Malkin said.

The most surprising thing about this whole situation is the indifference of the coalition to the harm that open borders can cause. Malkin succinctly stated that those who undermine our immigration laws “enable human trafficking, violence, and the exploitation of cheap and illegal alien labor.” This includes stories of criminals and terrorists from illegal-alien countries, as well as overwhelmed communities that are unable to stop the flow of resettlement. Unregulated immigration has a significant social and fiscal impact that is often overlooked by those who advocate for more. Uncontrolled immigration can be detrimental to all, even though they may have the moral high ground. Malkin quotes Father Andrew McNair, the chaplain of the Office of Black Catholic Ministry of Providence. He says that “The right to immigrate to any country is not absolute” and that “enforcing and asking people to follow the law isn’t mean or heartless but charity in its purest sense.”

Facilitating illegal border crossing is a crime that the U.S. government doesn’t bother to enforce. We may eventually have to.