China’s Top Diplomat Delivers Ominous Warning About State of Relations With US


Qin Gang was the Chinese Minister for Foreign Affairs. He stated that America’s foreign policy has caused “conflict” as well as “provocation” in China.

Qin accused the U.S. of trying to destroy Taiwan by inciting tensions between the Taiwanese and the mainland in his first press conference.

“Why is it that the U.S. pretends to be maintaining regional peace and stability while secretly planning to destroy Taiwan?” Qin was curious.

“If the United States does not brake and continues to go wrong, there will be no guardrails stopping it from derailing. Conflict and confrontation will ensue. Qin said, “Such competition is reckless gambling.” “Both the human and natural futures of mankind are at stake. ”

Taiwan is also known as the Republic of China. It’s an island nation off the coast of China. Taiwan claimed independence from the People’s Republic of China.

The People’s Republic of China claims sovereignty over Taiwan Strait and Taiwan Strait. This is the narrow region of the ocean between Taiwan and China’s mainland. It’s where the Chinese military has flown in the past to test Taiwan’s air defense systems.

The United States does not have official relations with Taiwan, but it has been engaging more with China as China seeks to isolate itself from international institutions.

Qin stated that Taiwan should be solved by the Chinese people. Foreign countries cannot interfere. Qin later added that “there seems to be a hidden hand pushing the protracted conflict and using the Ukraine crisis for further geopolitical purposes.”

Nancy Pelosi was the former Speaker of the House. She visited Taiwan last year for the first time since 1997. China responded in anger, warning that the U.S. was pushing Taiwan too far.

The Chinese military conducted live-fire drills in Taiwan several weeks after Pelosi’s visit. This appeared to be a simulation of an invasion.

Pelosi’s trip was followed by additional U.S. Congressional envoys to the island. Military cooperation between the U.S.A. and Taiwan has increased.

William Burns (Director of the CIA) stated last month that Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered his military to be ready for an invading Taiwan by 2027.

Burns stated, “We know from intelligence [Xi] has ordered that the People’s Liberation Army is ready by 2027 to conduct a successful invasion.” This does not necessarily mean that he intends to invade China in 2027, or any other year. However, it is a reminder of his seriousness as well as ambition.

China holds an annual meeting of the National People’s Congress. This is China’s highest-ranking legislative body.

These are known as the “two sessions” and will determine the direction of future policies.

A report claims that TsaiIngwen, Taiwan’s President, will meet Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker, in the U.S. to avoid provoking China.

McCarthy previously said he wanted to visit Taiwan if elected speaker, according to the Financial Times, and Fox News Digital reported in January that the Pentagon was preparing for the California Republican to visit Taipei later this year.

Tsai and McCarthy decided to meet in California, instead of the U.S.A, because tensions between China & the U.S.A are increasing, according to The Financial Times.