Cyclist’s Letter Regarding Transgender Athletes in Women’s Sports Should Serve as a Wake-Up Call


Tuesday’s observation by us showed that many things are happening in the world of militant transgender rights activism. None of these are good for American women’s lives.

Quick recap: Drew Barrymore, an actress, was first seen prostrating on her show, followed by Dylan Mulvaney (TikTok actor/influencer) and a transgender woman in a solidarity show. Mulvaney’s “transition” to assumed womanhood appears to be an opportunistic ploy to draw attention and clicks.

Bob Hoge, a colleague of mine, reported that Wellesley College student senators voted for a referendum to make the college more gender-inclusive. My colleague Bob Hoge reported that student senators at Wellesley College in Massachusetts voted for a non-binding referendum to make it more gender inclusive.

Bob pointed out that “if a school chooses to honor its student’s vote, and allows undergrads who identify themselves as male to enroll in college, will it still be a women’s college?” ”

Women feel that transgender activists and athletes have told biological women to stop complaining and to be supportive of transgender people. Hannah Arensman (a former champion in cyclocross) wrote a letter of support to female athletes.

A March 13th legal filing to the Supreme Court by ADF concerning:

Arensman said that she was disappointed at West Virginia’s inability to allow women to identify themselves as men in order to participate in the “legal challenge to West Virginia’s Save Women’s Sports Act”.

My family was an athlete family. I was encouraged to participate in sports from a young age by my parents and siblings. My sister encouraged me to follow her lead, and I climbed the ranks to become the top cyclocross rider. No matter how hard I train, he has an obvious advantage over me.

My final race in the UCI Cyclocross National Championships for the elite women’s division was in December 2022. It was my 4th. My sister and her family were shocked to see a man finish in front of me.

It’s also hard to think about the possibility of me not being selected for the international team at Cyclocross Worlds 2023 because of a male competitor.

My heart breaks for the girls growing up in a world that doesn’t give them equal opportunities to be champions or record-holders in cycling. Because men want to be in this division, I feel disillusioned and overlooked.

Here’s a video of third-place finisher Austin Killips, a transgender woman, appearing to target Arensman during the race she mentioned in her letter:

Drew Barrymore’s Monday actions showed that there are many Useful Idiot females out there who will accept the loss of women’s rights with open arms and their knees bent at the ground or passively accept it.

There are many things that everyone can and should say, not just in front of a Judge but also in the court of Public Opinion. We must change the tide to stop Hannah Arensmans from giving up on their dreams.

It is important to be willing and able to work hard without apologizing. This is what we’ve seen from J.K. Rowling (the popular Harry Potter author) to a woman at a Los Angeles Spa who was fed up seeing a naked man inside a ladies’ room. She was firm.

While I don’t mean to sound cliché, young girls’ futures are dependent on what happens now.