Colorado Secretary of State Reverses Decision, Restores Donald Trump to Primary Ballot


Donald Trump is back on the Colorado primary ballot, after nearly three weeks’ worth of protests from both sides. Jena Griswold broke the news Friday night. She attributed the decision by the Supreme Court to accept the case to its catalyst.

It is a major reversal for Griswold and herself. She made a statement in December claiming that Trump had committed “insurrection”. She urged the Supreme Court to act quickly to confirm the ruling of the state court. The most recent comment she has made is more mundane and appears to be abandoning the position she originally staked out.

The details of the campaign are not a surprise to anyone who has taken a deep breath since Trump was removed from Maine’s ballot. The goal is to convince the Supreme Court that Trump’s campaign was a success, not to win technically.

What is this telling you? These cheap stunts won’t succeed technically. The U.S. Supreme Court will not only uphold the stays but also rule against the states that try to use the 14th Amendment to prevent Trump from voting without due process.

Bellows doesn’t believe she will win. Bellows wants to be on the front page while letting the U.S. Supreme Court do all the dirty work. This tactic has been used by the Biden administration, which blames the judiciary for losing.

The result is that Democrats will use this as ammunition to undermine the Supreme Court. Once a ruling is made and the Democrat-controlled states are firmly rebuked, they’ll lose their minds. The goal is to get more people out to vote. Expect to hear a lot of “treason”, “tyranny”, and “tyranny” aimed at conservative justices.

This is the ultimate goal. All the shouting from the right and all the celebrations on CNN and MSNBC are pointless because Trump will never be removed from the ballot. Today’s politics is like a kabuki play.