Biden’s Fiery Valley Forge Speech Takes Aim at Trump and Jan. 6, but Reality Slaps Him Down


Joe Biden isn’t a man with many options.

He is very unpopular. He has created many crises from the border to inflation.

He can only try to deflect attention and demonize the Republican opposition because former president Donald Trump leads him in many polls, including in swing states.

He set up a platform near Valley Forge in Pennsylvania, with flags on either side of him, and tried to immerse himself into history as he gave his first speech.

The failure was not a success.

He was recalling his angry Philadelphia address where he demonized thousands of Americans. As he rambled, slurred, and fumbled his way through a tirade against former President Donald Trump, he tried to instill fear throughout the country for Jan. 6. It appears that he or his team did learn something from his Philly speech.

He was escorted out by his wife.

He was confused as usual, claiming that it was “my Oval Office.”

Biden then sounded as if he didn’t know what he was saying, yelling and getting angry at the teleprompter.

Biden’s claim that we “nearly fell America on January 6, nearly fell everything” is a ridiculous hyperbole. He said that the election was all about the “sacred causes” of democracy. He repeatedly said that Trump’s campaign was all about attacking democracy. He said, “Democracy’s on the ballot.”

He said that our freedoms, including the right to vote, were on the ballot.

But it is the Democrats who are trying to prevent Trump from being on the ballot in many states, denying millions of voters the right to choose their candidate. It’s Democrats, not Trump, who are the real threat.

Biden says he ran for president to represent all people. Yet, again, he accused MAGA supporters of not believing in democracy. He says something and contradicts himself the next moment.

He called Jan. 6 an insurrection, even though no one was charged with it. Not even Trump. He said many falsehoods. For example, he claimed that Trump did not call for peace on Jan.6, but he certainly did. First, urging people to act patriotically and peacefully, then, after the riots, telling them there must be peace, they have to go home.

Biden claimed that he attended the funerals of police officers killed that day. Despite this, no officers were killed in the riot. Brian Sicknick died from a stroke the next day.

He said that the country was not built on “ethnicity,” as he and Democrats tried to divide people into groups based on politics and identity. It was hilarious that he didn’t include the “T” when he said LGBTQ. By their absurd standards, this would have been offensive.

He repeated the story debunked that Trump called the US military “suckers and losers”.

He claimed that world leaders told him Trump couldn’t win. He met the Amtrak conductor long after his death on a train.

Biden did everything he could to spread hatred for MAGA. He talked about the “big lies” but did not acknowledge Democratic election denial.

He claimed that Americans are aware of the “determined minority” who want to destroy America. This is MAGA supporters. But I believe Americans are aware of the truth and real dangers. This is why Biden’s poll numbers are so low.

He talked about the winter cold at Valley Forge. What he did not mention was what he had done for the country to improve. He couldn’t solve any of the problems he mentioned. He did not mention the issues that are important to the American people – the economy, the border, or the American hostages held by Hamas.

Biden’s speech was empty, and Democrats were guilty of many of the things he tried to accuse Trump of.

After hugging his wife he returned to the stage and said, “I know power.”

That is all he cares about. This is what it’s all about and they will do anything to keep their position.

The wife had to take him away.

This was a shameless performance.

It won’t change anything for him.