CNN Doctor Says Airline CEOs Opposed to Masks on Planes Have Emotional Intelligence of a Doorknob


The masking requirement for airline travel has made it more annoying and uncomfortable than it was before the Covid hysteria. The masking requirement for air travel was extended to March at the start of December. It is likely that it will be extended beyond March as the media and political elites are not willing to stop their fearmongering. On Thursday, Dr. Peter Hotez (director of Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development) appeared on CNN to ridicule mask skeptics for being the enemies of science and levelheadedness.

Hotez insists that data from the National Academy of Sciences has been published in proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Hotez added, “And we also have randomized clinical trial designs from — that was conducted in Bangladesh by Stanford or Yale. The data support the use of the masks.

Hotez was furious that Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly, American Airlines CEO Doug Parker, had dared to question the necessity of masks on planes despite all the sweet reasons. He continued, “But, also,” he said, “Why say this now when we have the most transmissible version of all accelerating?” I don’t know. Some of these CEOs have the emotional intelligence of doorknobs. “I don’t understand why they would say such a thing.” Hotez didn’t mention that the omicron strain, although highly contagious and easily spread, is very mild. This fact Hotez and the other purveyors are desperately trying to hide.

Hotez’s choice of words was a revelation. He said, “Emotional intelligence.” Hotez didn’t answer the CNN reporter who was interviewing him, which is a shame. What does “emotional intelligence”, or the seemingly unrefutable scientific results proving the effectiveness of masks, have to do? Hotez’s words spoke volumes: he lied about the fact that mask mandates were not based on solid scientific facts but on emotions. Masks are symbols that signal to others that you take the Covid threat seriously and behave responsibly. They are safer than safety measures, but they can be used as safety theater.

It’s not true. Don’t believe it? The masks you find in drug stores are not effective at keeping out the virus. It is small enough that it can pass through. However, it might provide some benefit in keeping out any gross droplets that may be produced by someone coughing or sneezing at you. A mask is not recommended, especially if you are visiting a low-risk area.

Hotez is one of the most prominent Fauci defenders. They insist that Fauci has changed his mind since then, but that is absurd. Did Fauci realize after he sent that email that the virus was not small enough to penetrate mask material? Did he just succumb to the rapid spreading panic and sign his name to what is effectively a placebo?

Hotez says such questions are not appropriate. How dare unwashed people question the great scientists? Hotez, PJ’s Stacey Lennox, has pointed out that such questions are signs that the person asking them has rejected science. Hotez stated last August that there was a worrying new increase in antiscience aggression in America. “It’s arising out of far-right extremism,” Hotez claimed last August.

The peasants have become more obstinate over the years, displaying their complete lack of emotional intelligence. Indeed. He is mocking those who are fed up with Covid hysteria because they lack “emotional intelligence.”