CNN Admits Liz Cheney Is in a Lot of Trouble in Wyoming


CNN reports that Rep. Liz Cheney (R.W.Y.) might not make it through the Republican August 16 Primary.

CNN’s Harry Enten said that Cheney has “become an unexpected hero” for Democrats and the media. However, CNN readers shouldn’t confuse Cheney’s adoring press coverage with bipartisan bona fides as popularity in Wyoming, where Cheney is most popular.

Harry Enten stated that polling shows Cheney is the least popular member of Congress in 2021. Enten also acknowledged that only 17 percent of Republicans nationally approved of Cheney’s alliance with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Sixty-one percent disapproved. The article noted that Cheney’s opponent Harriet Hageman (Trump-endorsed) is leading Cheney by “a significant margin” in Wyoming, at 28 to 30 points.

“Now, we should treat this data with caution since the people releasing it likely have their own motives, such as rooting for Cheney to lose. Still, the congresswoman trailing makes a lot of sense given what the nonpartisan polling in Wyoming has indicated,” the article stated.

Enten also highlighted Cheney’s campaign strategy of asking Democrats to vote for her, though few think the strategy will be successful, even though she opposed Donald Trump and his policies at nearly every turn:

Wyoming doesn’t have many Democrats. Cheney, however, has tried to persuade the few Democrats in Wyoming to vote for the Republican primaries. These statistics show that her efforts won’t be very successful.

Cheney’s problem is that Trump-supporting Republicans don’t have a lot of space in their party. Pew Research Center’s 2021 poll showed that 64% of Republicans believe the party shouldn’t accept those who have voted to impeach Trump. Recent primary elections suggest that Trump’s actions could have a negative impact on her.

The article stated that “In summary, the statistics are daunting to Cheney heading into her august primary.” It’s not surprising that her chances of winning another term are less than 10% according to the betting markets. This doesn’t necessarily mean Cheney cannot win, but it would probably take a miracle.

CNN’s negative assessment of Cheney’s chances of reelection is not surprising. Cheney is now in serious trouble after voting against America First policies and aligning herself with the January 6 Committee. The Committee has attempted to investigate the January 6 incident but not the alleged FBI informants at Capitol.

The Wyoming Republican Party and Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, have condemned Cheney’s behavior. In February, McCarthy announced his endorsement of Hageman in defeating Cheney after the Wyoming GOP rejected her nomination in November. This was a rare act for a minority leader.