Classified Docs Probe Heats Up as Biden Gets Interviewed by Special Counsel


The White House announced Monday afternoon that Robert Hur, Special Counsel to the President, interviewed Joe Biden about his handling of classified materials on both Sunday and Monday.

Could interviews have been the reason for the White House to put a lid on it at 11:46 a.m. on Monday? This would mean that we wouldn’t hear from or see the president the rest of the morning despite the war that broke out over the weekend.

Hur was appointed by Attorney General Merrick Garland. A White House spokesperson revealed the news in a statement:

In a press release, Ian Sams stated that the interview took place at the White House on Sunday and Monday. Sams confirmed that the interview ended on Monday.

Sams reiterated Biden’s cooperation with the White House. He directed questions to the Justice Department.

Sams stated that “as we’ve said since the beginning, both the White House and President are cooperating in this investigation.” “We have, as appropriate, provided public updates, while being as transparent and open as possible, consistent with protecting the integrity of the probe.” “At this time, we would direct any other questions to the Justice Department.”

Joe Biden, as my colleague previously reported, had classified documents everywhere — in his office, at home, and in his garage next to his Corvette. Biden’s top aides were already interviewed.

Does this mean that the DOJ has taken this issue seriously and is nearing a resolution?

The interview[s] took place during dramatic events in the Middle East. Hamas militants launched a major attack against Israel, and Mr. Biden met his national security team as well as foreign leaders. According to a source familiar with the situation, the timing of the interview was planned several weeks in advance.

The interview suggests that Mr. Hur may be nearing the conclusion of his investigation. This was launched by the Justice Department after Mr. Biden’s lawyers revealed that they found classified documents in a closet when packing up the office that Mr. Biden used between being vice president and running for the presidency.

It’s hard to believe that the DOJ has finally renounced the two-tiered justice system it has been using since President Trump took office. But, based on past behavior, this is unlikely. The FBI raided the home of former President Donald Trump because he had classified documents. Joe Biden was in possession of classified documents, so the FBI conducted a voluntary interview at his convenience.

I won’t hold my breath.