Biden Administration Calls on Israel Not to Retaliate, Despite Hamas Attack


The Biden administration is facing criticism for not only being indirectly responsible for the surprise attack Hamas launched against Israel Saturday, which reportedly killed hundreds and injured thousands more, but also for initially calling on Israel not to retaliate.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, promised to take swift action in response. In a tweet on X, formerly Twitter, he stated that the IDF would immediately use its full strength to destroy Hamas’s capabilities. “We will destroy Hamas and we will vengeance this dark day they forced upon the State of Israel and its citizens.” As Bialik said: “Revenge is yet to be devised by Satan for the blood of an innocent child.”

In a posting on X by the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs, the Biden administration signaled, however, that it did not want Israel to defend itself.

The post stated: “We condemn Hamas’ terrorist attack and the deaths that have resulted.” We urge both sides to refrain from violence and retaliatory acts. “Terror and violence do not solve anything.”

The post was deleted quickly after it sparked a lot of outrage among Republicans. The State Department says that the post “wasn’t approved and doesn’t represent U.S. Policy.”

It seems unlikely. Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, demanded “that every single person who was involved in the drafting and approval of this tweet […] immediately be expelled from U.S. Government.” He is absolutely right. I will not be convinced until then that the U.S. Office of Palestinian Affairs’ post did not represent Biden administration policies.

Biden released a final statement over 12 hours after this attack.

Biden stated, “This morning I spoke to Prime Minister Netanyahu regarding the ongoing and horrific attacks in Israel.” The United States condemns the appalling attack against Israel by Hamas terrorists in Gaza. I told Prime Minister Netanyahu we are ready to provide all necessary support to Israel’s Government and People.

“Terrorism can never be justified,” he added. “Israel has the right to defend its own people and itself. The United States warns any party that is hostile to Israel and wants to gain an advantage from this situation. My Administration’s unwavering support for Israel’s safety is a rock-solid commitment.

It would be great if I could actually believe it. We all know what happened when the Obama administration claimed to support Israel.